Oregon gridirongirl Heads to Spring Practice

Oregon QB, Marcus Mariota, meets with Media after 1st 2013 Spring Practice. -Photo Credit: Russ Long

Hi girls! I know it’s been a while, but I figured I’d give us all a little break from the X’s and O’s. It is spring cleaning and body/wardrobe make over time after all. For all you “die hards” though, the break is over. For the rest of you, don’t worry, we’ll catch you up in the fall. Happy bikini shopping!

Now onto the good stuff….

It’s a new season here at gridirongirl! I’ve been fortunate to attend the past two days of Oregon’s Spring Practice- or at least hang with the media troops as players and coaches exit the actual practice that is closed. I’m not going to lie, it’s a pretty fun, but very intimidating gig. As a 5’1 GIRL, I completely stand out like Lady Gaga’s meat dress (OK, maybe not quite that bad, but…), so I’ve spent the past two days watching how things flow, listening to the questions asked by others, and formulating my own girly list of questions. I know it’s about to shake things up a bit, so I’m waiting for the perfect opportunity to introduce Helf and Co. to gridirongirl. I’ve decided that perfect opportunity will come this Friday, so stay tuned….

In the meantime, here are a few things I’ve learned out there this week:

Head Coach, Mark Helfrich greets media after Spring Practice day 1. -Photo Credit- Russ Long

1. Coach Helfrich is very personable and much kinder to the media, so far.
2. When Coach Helfrich dodges a question, he first gives a wishy-washy answer before asking, “Hows that for an answer?” (with a friendly grin on his face of course).
3. Mariota definitely deserves the nickname “Mr. Island Finesse”. He’s super laid back, personable, and seems to get along well with everybody.
4. According to De’Anthony Thomas, Coach Helfrich is well-liked and relaxed, but doesn’t seem to be slowing down the tempo. In fact, he feels the team is going “even faster”.
5. Coach Campbell (Running Backs Coach) has the task of trying to figure out how many hits DAT can take as he is expected to be the #1 RB this year. There is some concern about his size (he’s a bit smaller than Kenjon and LMJ) but he makes so many big plays, it may not be an issue.
6. The players make fun of certain “expected” questions when off camera, such as “Jake, how’s the competition going between you and Jeff?” (referring to the two back up QB’s competing for the #2 spot). I kind of got a kick out of that.
7. Jordan Kent is as nice as he seems, and turns out he’s a good writer too…check out his writing debut here.
8. It’s about time a girl got in the mix to get some of the info WE care about, even if it means I have to wear a meat dress.

Don’t worry girls, in the words of our very own Alabama gridirongirl, “I got this”.

Ps. I gotta give a big thanks to gridirongirl’s new photographer, Russ Long, who took some GREAT pics yesterday!

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  1. Tracie Marcum // April 4, 2013 at 6:26 pm // Reply

    LOVE IT! This inside info is exactly what we want to know! I can’t wait for you to break up the same ol same ol with some INTERESTING questions! Can’t wait to hear more!
    Yea girl, you got this!

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