Notre Dame Trivia: How Much Do You Know?

I’m so starved for football! I can’t wait until it’s back! The Irish are still in the middle of spring practice and there won’t be much to report until their Blue-Gold game April 20th. So, while we wait, I thought we’d have a fun trivia session on all things Notre Dame!

Some will be easy and some not so much. Some will be multiple choice and some won’t be.

Directions: Answers will be at the bottom so no looking! Keep track of your score and if you’d like to comment on the post with your score, I’d love to see it! Come on! Where are the REAL Irish out there??

1 – In what year was Notre Dame founded?

a) 1842

b) 1850

c) 1902

d) 1820

2- How many Heisman winners has Notre Dame had?

a) 3

b) 8

c) 5

d) 7

3 – Who was the last Notre Dame player to win the Heisman?

a) John Huarte

b) Brady Quinn

c) Joe Theismann

d) Tim Brown

4 – How many National Championships does Notre Dame have?

a) 10

b) 8

c) 11

d) 12

5 – Which Notre Dame coach has the most ‘Ships?

a) Lou Holtz

b) Frank Leahy

c) Ara Parseghian

d) Knute Rockne

6 –  In which bowl game did the Irish win their first ‘Ship and haven’t been back since? 

a) Sugar Bowl

b) Fiesta Bowl

c) Rose Bowl

d) Capital One Bowl

7 – What year did Notre Dame win their first ‘Ship?

a) 1919

b) 1925

c) 1933

d) 1924

8 – What is the official name of the University of Notre Dame? (I didn’t know this!)

9 – What is the very large picture at the back of the stadium called?

10 – What number did Rudy Ruettiger wear at Notre Dame?

 a) 42

b) 45

c) 53

d) 55

11 – Where is the University of Notre Dame located?

12 – What is Notre Dame’s mascot?

13 – Notre Dame players hit a sign before running onto the field, what does it say?

14 – What NFL Hall of Fame QB played for Notre Dame in the 1979 Cotton Bowl?

15 – Fill in the blank “Win one for the _____”

16 – A movie was made about the answer to question 15, which historical and important figure portrayed him in the movie?

17 – Who was the last Heisman candidate at Notre Dame?

18 – Who was the coach before current coach, Brian Kelly?

19 – What school did Brian Kelly coach before he came to Notre Dame?

a) Cincinnati

b) Utah

c) Bowling Green

d) Temple

20 – What was the nickname given to the offensive line that blocked for the Four-Horsemen?

a) Fearsome Foursome

b) Horse Heads

c) The Horses Five

d) Seven Mules







1 – a

2 – 7 Notre Dame has had the most Heisman Trophy winners, including the only offensive lineman to ever win

3 – Tim Brown He won it in 1987

4 – 11 Second most by any NCAA Divsion I school, Alabama is first with 12

5 – Frank Leahy

6 – Rose Bowl

7 – 1924 They beat Stanford 27-10

8 – Notre Dame du Lac

9 – Touchdown Jesus

10 – 45 Rudy was the first Notre Dame player to be carried off the field by his teammates

11 – South Bend, Indiana

12 – Leprechaun

13 – “Play like a champion today”

14 – Joe Montana He was called the Comeback Kid and suffered from hypothermia in that game. He ate chicken noodle soup and the soup helped him lead the team back from a 34-12 deficit to a 35-34 win against Houston

15 – Gipper

16 – Ronald Reagan

17 – Manti Te’o

18 – Charlie Weis

19 – Cincinnati

20 -Seven Mules



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