WVU Off-Season Catch Up

Greetings, fellow Mountaineers! Did you forget about me? I know, I know… I promised to keep writing and then I disappeared for three and a half months a little bit. Can you forgive me? I was on vacation. And by “vacation”, I mean the members of my family spent the rest of the winter playing Hot Potato with The Plague (spoiler alert: we all lost) and then we bought a house. The house is a “fixer” which is shorthand for peeling flowered wallpaper on every surface and decades old carpet on every floor. Yes, I do mean every floor, even the bathroom. Who does that?

I promise to never leave you for so long again, so let’s kiss and make up, shall we?

Although I’ve heard rumors that there are other sports played at various times of the year, I don’t believe it to be true. As far as I’m concerned, there are three seasons, and they are as follows: Football Season, Off-Season, and Pre-Season.

WVU met Syracuse in the New Era Pinstripe Bowl way back in December, but… you know what, that’s old news and I don’t really see any reason to talk about it.

Let’s move on to some other things I don’t want to talk about, like recruiting. Now, this is the ONLY time you will ever hear me say anything negative about West Virginia’s beloved son, Bill Stewart, so pay attention. He was a genuinely sweet man and a decent coach, but let’s just say recruiting was not one of his strengths. Sadly, the Mountaineers are about to reap what Bill Stewart has sown. With the departures of Smith, Austin, and Bailey, WVU is going to be lacking in every major area. Most of our juniors and seniors are the players that were recruited by Coach Stewart. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying they suck, I’m just saying I don’t see another Smith, Austin, or Bailey ready to step up.

Now let’s talk about how ridiculous stuff like this is affecting Coach Holgorsen’s ability to recruit players now. Actually, let’s DON’T talk about it, because my head might explode.

I was going to update you on all the changes in the coaching staff, but after reading 128 articles and creating a flow chart, I still can’t figure it out. Just know that former offensive line coach Bill Bedenbaugh has been added to my RichRod List of Traitors. THE SOONERS?! Bedenbaugh, I can’t even look at you right now.

There are all sorts of NFL draft happenings, but that deserves its very own post (which I’m going to write soon, pinky swear!). Just know that draft “expert” Nolan Nawrecki has earned himself a place on one of my Lists of Doom.

I’ve said my piece repeatedly here about how it’s really time to move on from all the couch-burning, but I think the university may be using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. They bought up portions of the Sunnyside neighborhood for the sole purpose of tearing it down to stop students from congregating there and drinking and setting couches on fire. Because everyone knows that the only place in Morgantown a couch becomes flammable is in Sunnyside.

There, now we’re mostly caught up and BFF’s again, right? I’ll be back in a few days with some draft and spring practice news.

Only 11 days until the Gold-Blue Game. Let’s Gooooooo…… Mountaineers!


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