Say Hello to the Newest Longhorns!

Greetings, football lunatics! Spring has sprung, out here in the glorious Pacific Northwest we have given up our winter coats at last (unless we’re headed out for a late-season ski), and Texas football concluded its spring practice with the Orange and White scrimmage game. But that’s a topic for another post. We have some young men finishing up their high school football careers, getting ready to pack their bags and head to the 40 Acres. Ladies and gentlemen and other sentient life forms, here is your recruiting class of the 2013-2014 season:

Chevoski Collins
Antwuan Davis
Deoundrei Davis
Rami Hammad
Desmond Harrison
Naashon Hughes
Erik Huhn
Darius James
Montrel Meander
Jake Oliver
Kent Perkins
Jake Raulerson
Geoff Swaim
Tyrone Swoopes
Jacorey Warrick

I’ll wait a minute while the applause dies down.

What can we expect from this new crop of Longhorns? Let’s find out!

First up: Chevoski Collins, finishing up his senior year as a Livingston Lion. He’s listed as a 5’11”, 185-pound safety with some impressive stats; however, he currently has no position listed with the ‘Horns. Looks like Chevoski is a multi-talented youngster who will be an asset to the offense, wherever he lands. As long as he doesn’t land too hard and lose the ball on a 4th-and-inches in the waning seconds of the Red River Shootout. No pressure.

Antwuan Davis comes to us from the nearby piney woods of Bastrop. I had to look it up, but their mascot is a bear. Unfortunately, he’s been wearing a maroon and white uniform for awhile. We’ll help him get over that. Antwuan, not the bear. He is a solid defensive player, at 5’11” and 180 pounds, covering the cornerback and defensive back positions. He had 18 solo tackles last season. Welcome, Antwuan. We look forward to seeing some weapons-grade tackling while wearing the sacred burnt orange and white.

At 6’5” and 320 pounds, Rami Hammad is a whole lotta offensive guard. Good golly, Miss Molly! I hope his teammates on the Irving Tigers called him “The Beast that Ate The Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex.” A girl can dream. Moving on! He averaged two tackles per game, very likely by just falling forward at the snap. I can’t wait to see this kid in action. Move it on south, Rami, and welcome to the best part of Texas. Less Galleria, more fajitas and live music. You’ll like it, I promise.

I’d like to pause briefly to point out that so far, these recruits come from schools whose mascots are apex predators. Coincidence? I think not.

Let’s talk about Erik Huhn, lately of the Steele Knights in Cibolo. At 6’2” and 205 pounds, he’s a highly-rated safety. Can we talk about that school name? I’m pretty mesmerized by it. How tough is that? Would you believe me that they have Optimus Prime on their jerseys? No? Use some imagination, people. Sir Erik is ranked 14th in the state. Texas is a big state. That’s impressive. Sounds like UT has some big, fast kids to put in the secondary. Jesus and all the saints, Manny Diaz, do NOT screw this up. Sigh.

Let’s round out with Tyrone Swoopes, the 6’4”, 230-pound quarterback finishing up his year at Whitewright high school. Yes, that’s a real school, in Texas. I looked it up. Their mascot is also the tiger. Popular animal, that. He passed for 873 yards with 9 passing touchdowns. I had to get my smelling salts when I read those stats. He averages 109 passing yards per game. His longest pass last season was 56 yards. Now, we love our Ash and baby McCoy. But Texas is known for having a deep stable of talented QBs. Sounds like Mr. Swoopes will keep everyone on his toes.

Now, I didn’t cover all these fine young players. We will get to know them as the season unfolds, together. I’m leaving some of the mystery intact so we can share this voyage of discovery. And, it’s past my bedtime. I will say that Texas recruited a good mix of offensive and defensive players. Every single one of them is from Texas. How many schools can say that? They all played on various hand-picked post-season teams. I look forward to good things from them, as should you. So welcome, start working on getting your horns up, and Hook ‘em!

Next time: some sneaky baseball. Batter up!

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  1. I LOLed at the note on Rami Hammad’s two tackles per game. He’ll have to do more than fall forward at the snap, but I think this whole krew has lots to offer. It will be great to see them shine this year. Heck, Texas’s graduating High School seniors are so good they populate much of Oklahoma’s and Kansas’s teams, too.

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