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“He” is Chris Goodin, a world renowned philanthropist who in his spare time deals in restoring vintage sailboats while writing fantasy football articles for Fantasy Football Oasis.  ”She” is Gladys Louise Tyler, a hotel magnate by day, a sultry nightclub crooner by night, who sometimes finds time to also write Fantasy Football articles to the masses at Fantasy Football Oasis as well as for Never Enough Fantasy Football.

As Summer approaches, we will be focusing on preparing you for the fantasy football season through information that hits both the male and female demographic.  We will cover many, many topics in the next few months and hope we can lead you a fantasy championship.

We were talking the other day about some article ideas and we came up with the Writer Interrogation theme.  We both ask our “victim”……um……”subject” ten questions that pertain to fantasy football and how they got their start.  Our inaugural subject is Erica Lynn Anderson who writes for Gridiron Girl.  Erica was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule, being a student, to answer our “interrogation”.


1. When did you get the idea for your blog? And how long after the idea did you start your blog?  

Nichole, our site creator, started it in October of 2011 as a way to blog about Oregon Ducks football and she wanted to inspire women to LOVE the game.


2. How do you get writers for your blog?

At present time we get on team pages and tell them what we are looking for. We send shout outs on our FB and Twitter pages. It’s a slow process so far, but we definitely want to make sure we’re getting writers that have the passion and devotion to their teams and football that we all at gridirongirl possess. I think passion and devotion are what set apart the good sports writers from the great sports writers.


3.  Define: “newest and girliest guide to game day”, especially the “girliest” part?

Newest and girliest guide to game day is a manual of sorts for women of all football knowledge levels. They can learn about the game if they don’t already know and read blogs that are dedicated to specific teams as well as an NFL section. For women who are already knowledgeable about the game, the blogs add an entertainment aspect as well as being informative. The girliest part is where the recipes, fashion, and tailgating ideas come in. Because lets face it, guys don’t care what they’re wearing on game day and while they love to eat the food they could care less what it looks like or how to make it. Women are wired differently and we over at gridirongirl are catering to those differences. We want women to have a place that is all their own in a sport that is dominated by males.


4. What did you think about Manti Te’O’s performance versus Alabama in the title game? And what about his phantom girlfriend?

Manti Te’o obviously didn’t shine like he had in ND’s other games. I attribute that to Alabama’s beast of an O Line. I think they had an average size of 315 lbs. That’s huge! Their O Line was so effective at neutralizing Te’o and opening up holes for Eddie Lacy and giving McCarron lots of time to throw.

Ah, the phantom girlfriend. What a cluster that was. I wrote a couple of posts on it. My belief is that Te’o wasn’t in on the original lie. He was taken advantage of. Ya we can all look in and say he should of known better or how stupid could he be? We weren’t there and we’ve all done dumb stuff, fortunately for all of us we aren’t on the national stage like him with witnesses to our mistakes.

Once he found about it and kept it going I think he was scared and embarrassed. What person wouldn’t have been? I think he was judged too harshly.

5.Can the new addition to the Patriots, Danny Amendola, be relevant in Welker’s old role?

I definitely think Amendola can be effective. Amendola has steadily had more playing time over in St. Louis and no offense but if he can look good with somebody like Bradford throwing to him, how do you think he’ll do with one of the best QBs of all time throwing to him? I’m excited to watch how he fits in. I think the real key will be chemistry. Welker and Brady had it in spades and I think that was a big reason why they were so good together. Hopefully Amendola and Brady can build that and become a dynamic team.

6. Since you’re a Pats fan, do you think Rex Ryan will have a job in 2014 with the Jets if they have another woeful season?

You know, I don’t think he will. I’m not saying that just because I strongly dislike the Jets and Rex Ryan. I say that because I don’t know that the Jets can afford to keep him on if he isn’t being an effective leader and winning games for the organization.

7. Who will have the better fantasy football season?  Steven Jackson in Atlanta or Reggie Bush in Detroit?  Why?

This is a great question, but I’m going to have to go with Steven Jackson. Steven Jackson is replacing Michael Turner who was effective and productive in Atlanta. I think Atlanta has a better system set up for a RB to be successful. Detroit seems like a dysfunctional family that is trying to get along but is having trouble. I also worry about Reggie Bush being injury prone. If it were my fantasy team and I had the choice, I’d definitely go with Steven Jackson.

8. Which QB in this group will post the best fantasy numbers in a 4 point per throwing TD league?  Josh Freeman, Jay Cutler or Andy Dalton?  Why?

Man that’s a good question! I’m going to have to go with Andy Dalton. I think he’s the more consistent QB in that group and he’s made decent improvements from his rookie season. In 2011 he had 20 TDs and in 2012 he had 27 TDs. That kind of progress is promising and I think his 3rd season in the NFL will be even better. Josh Freeman has made really decent progress from the 2011 season to the 2012 season in regards to TDs, but his overall progress from season to season since his rookies season in 2009 is all over the place and I just don’t know that he can be trusted enough to flagship your fantasy team.

9. Does Vince Wilfork actually weigh 325 pounds or is the 2 supposed to be a 7?

It sure seems like it should be a 7 doesn’t it? That guy is a beast, I love him. When I watch a Patriots game and I see him lying on top of somebody, all I know is I wouldn’t want to be them. For his size though he sure is quick and he is really effective on the defensive front. I’m really glad the Pats have him.

10. In closing, how do you plan on reaching out to the females that love football?

We use social media to reach out to try and tell them about our site. The biggest thing for me though is when I’m out and about in everyday life and I hear women talk about football or I see them wearing specific team gear I approach them and tell them about our site. I try to get dialogue going. I don’t know if it’s like this for all football-loving females, but before I started working on I felt pretty isolated in my love for football. I want to let football-loving females know that they aren’t alone and that we have an awesome place where they can celebrate or lament with others who know how they feel.

We would again like to thank our victim, Erica Lynn Anderson, for sitting through our interrogation and after further investigation, she is free to go with no charges being laid.



Erica’s work can be seen at  Her Twitter handle is @PatsFanGirl12

Gladys Louise Tyler is better known as @neverenoughglt on Twitter

Chris Goodin’s twitter identifier is @GoodinFFOasis

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