Welcome to the White House Y’all!

So the Alabama Crimson Tide took a short trip up to the White House to visit President Obama.  The Tide are no strangers to the White House, they have been there 3 times in the last 4 years.  Even the President commented that he thought maybe they should get cots put in for the team because they visit so much, but that they couldn’t find any big enough.  IMAGINE!!

Makes sense, those are some big boys.  They make poor Coach Saban and President Obama look tiny!  President Obama kicked it off with a big ‘Roll Tide’, and remarked how fans say that Roll Tide is not a noun or a verb, but a way of life.  And for us Bama fans, we know that to be true.  If you hang around long enough, you will be able to see why.

There was much to be said, he congratulated the team, said he hoped he would be seeing them again.  He commented that AJ McCarron is sticking around for his senior year because maybe the other teams’ defenses haven’t suffered enough.  HA!  Quite witty that President of ours!  I think they are probably more scared of the Offensive line itself than they are of AJ, but he is no joke either!  Watch out defenses…you’ve been warned!

Coach Saban told the President that he had given him an entire uniform by now and that he was an official member of the team.  He said he would meet with him later to talk about how much playing time he was going to get.  Needless to say Obama never misses a beat and says ‘I think we should keep me on the bench.’  Even that man knows he is no match for the Tide.  🙂

It appeared to be a great day for all the players, it seemed they enjoyed the break and let’s face it, getting to meet the President of the United States is kind of a big deal y’all.  I wasn’t there but I can’t help but wonder if Michelle was there, and what she thought about it???  She very well could be the First Lady of the Gridiron if she chose, how cool would that be?

That’s it for today y’all.  Just a note before I go, Derrick Henry, the freshman running back, did get injured in Saturday’s scrimmage and he will be out for the rest of spring practice and the A Day game this weekend.  His surgery this morning was successful and Coach Saban seems to believe he will be back and ready for camp this fall.

I can’t wait for Saturday!  We really get to see what we are working with in the spring A Day Game!  Roll Tide!

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