My 2013 NFL Draft Picks

The draft is coming up soon! I’m so excited! You may be asking yourself why I’m SO excited for the draft. Well the answer to that is: The draft is the start of the NFL season. After the draft, we will see roster moves, mini camps, OTA’s (organized team activities), preseason, and then finally REGULAR SEASON!! It’s going to be great!

The lead up to the draft can get pretty intense. There is tons of talk about who is going to get picked first…. and last. Who will be a draft bust? Who will be a draft sleeper? Who will end up rookie of the year? Well before all of those questions can be answered, the draft has to actually happen. The first round of the draft is on April 25th at 8 ET. So in honor of all of the talk and crap going on and on and on about the draft, I have decided to build my own team based on this years’ draft prospects. Some of them may fall in line with what the “experts” say and some won’t.

I’m picking some of these players because of their impressive physical talents at their position. I’m picking some of them because I believe they possess the intangibles. The intangibles are something you can’t teach a player. It’s an innate sense of the game and their position. Intangibles are what separate the good from the great. It separates the Hall of Famers from the rest.

Without further adieu I give you my team built from this years’ draft prospects!

  • Quarterback: Matt Barkley from USC. While I’ve been less than impressed with his college career I think the guy has big potential and possesses the raw materials needed to make him an effective game changing player in the NFL.
  • Center: I like Travis Frederick from Wisconsin. He’s a little young coming in being a junior, but this guy is smart. I think smart football players are invaluable. He’s a decent size at 6’4 312 pounds, which is needed on the O-Line. I think we’ll see this guy in the next couple of years make some QB and coach very happy.
  • Running back: My choice at running back was easy. Eddie Lacy from Alabama. I watched this guy in the National Championship and he was crazy impressive. Great ball control and seems to have good instincts on the field when a hole opens up. He’s a decent size too at 5’11 231 pounds which lessens the chance of chronic injuries. Whoever gets this guy in the draft should be very happy!
  • Fullback: I believe the fullback position is one of the most underutilized positions in football. Nobody thinks much of the FB, but they are important! He needs to be able to block, run, and catch the ball. Think about Walter Payton. He wouldn’t have been as effective if he hadn’t  had his FB Matt Suhey blocking for him. My choice at FB is Lonnie Pryor from FSU. He’s 6’0 227 pounds and runs a 4.64 40. If I’m a RB I want this guy blocking for me!
  • Wide receiver: This was an easy pick for me. Tavon Austin from West Virginia is a game changer. He’s fast, he ran a 4.28 40 (that’s insane!). From what I’ve read about him he has amazing athletic skills. He can change direction well and it sounds like he’s a smart player. With those skills and intelligence I think this guy is unstoppable.
  • Tight end: This was as easy as it gets! Tyler Eifert from ND! I’ve been so impressed with him this year. The moves and catches this guy can make astound me. He’s 6’6 and 250 pounds. He runs a 4.65 40. He can block and catch. He’s also smart on the field. He turned into a real leader this last season at ND. Having him at Tight End will make some QBs job a lot easier. He has good hands and I don’t remember him dropping the ball much if at all.
  • Left guard and right guard: My two picks here are Chance Warmack from Alabama and Mike Golic from Notre Dame. Alabama’s O Line was really impressive in the ‘Ship and I have no doubt that Chance is going to be great at his position and succeed in the NFL. Mike Golic is great at his position and also a leader. I’ve always liked this guy and I believe he’s going to do great things in the pros.
  • Left tackle and right tackle: Personally I think Eric Fisher should be #1 pick in the (real) draft, he’s definitely #1 in my draft! This guy had an impressive showing at the combine and showed all of us not to underestimate a guy coming out of Central Michigan. Watch out everybody because this guy is future Hall of Fame material. Yep I said it and I stand by it! My other pick at these positions is D.J. Fluker. He was apart of the ‘Bama O-Line that neutralized ND’s defense all night. He’s awesome and will make some team very happy.
  • Defensive tackle: Though he’s injured I would take Kapron Lewis-Moore from ND. He’s a game changer at his position when he’s healthy. Hopefully he can get healthy soon so he can make a decent start in the NFL.
  • Defensive end: At this particular position you want speed and height. Margus Hunt from Southern Methodist is fast and big. He runs a 4.53 40 and he’s 6’8 277 pounds. That’s amazing! I can’t wait to watch this guy in action; it’s going to be exciting.
  • Linebacker: This was an easy pick for me. Manti Te’o is amazing at his position, but also possesses those intangibles. He’s a great leader and a nice guy. He’s going to go far in the NFL, mark my words!
  • Safety: Zeke Motta from ND is my choice. He’s good at his position and was a key in ND’s awesome defense this year.
  • Cornerback: I’ve been watching Desmond Trufant since he first started with the University of Washington. This guy makes plays that look impossible and more than once has he saved the game for UW to go on and get the (improbable) win. No question that I want Trufant on my team at corner. Mark my words people, he’s dynamite and anybody would be lucky to have him!

So there you have it! My team built out of the NFL 2013 draft prospects. You may not agree with some or any, but I really believe that the guys I picked will all be successful given the right chances. Only time will tell!

Hope I didn’t bore you all too much and I look forward to writing my Complete Handbook to the Draft. Expect it in the next couple of days! Tweet me @PatsFanGirl12. I’d love to hear from you!

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