LSU, Finding Their Swagger!

Hey there gridiron girls!

I recently read an article about what kinds of things LSU needs to have/do to make it to the National Championship this upcoming season. It was so interesting, I decided to do a little spin off…

If you ask me, there are just a few things that separate teams that win and a teams that thrive. I say this because there are a ton of really amazing football teams scattered all across the US (of course I’m SEC biased). These teams win a majority of their games, and really only struggle against a few teams on their schedule. Then, there are the teams that play just a little above average and don’t dominate all their competitors. Everyone wants to be known as the team that excels every weekend and can easily defeat even their biggest rivals- the team with swagger. Where does LSU fall?  Somewhere in the middle- above average, but not completely at the top. If LSU is going to make it to THE big game, they’re going to have to get their swagger back.

The good news.

If any team is ready to find their swagger, it’s LSU, who has remained in the top 10 for a few years now. This is a HUGE honor because there are about 119 NCAA division 1-A football teams! Currently, LSU is predicted (on to be #3 in the national rankings and #6 in the recruiting rankings for 2013. These rankings mean that LSU is expected to have an explosively good season- one like I described before- big wins and little to no losses. If this prediction plays out, LSU will go for their 4th national championship, and their 2nd national championship under coach Les Miles.

What needs to happen.

The first person that really needs to step up and perform (and we all know he can!) is quarterback,  Zach Mettenberger. LSU recently hired a new offensive coordinator, who will be one important person responsible for helping Mettenberger reach his potential. This may not be the easiest task given some of Mettenberger’s weaknesses. For example, he is known for holding onto the ball for a little longer than he should (something that cost LSU a number of plays that could have resulted in touchdowns, and cost Zach some time on the grass… and by that I mean time LAYING in the grass after getting knocked on his butt.) I love Zach Mettenberger, and I think he has a great potential, his timing is just a bit off sometimes. That being said, with some improvement, he could really give Alabama a run for their money this season!

Jeremy Hill also needs to step it up and get his hands on the ball as often as possible. When he wasn’t given the opportunity for rush attempts in the bowl game against Clemson, LSU lost. Again, We lost to Clemson!! (Sorry, I just always have to let that sink in a little, because it does not seem real to me yet!). Jeremy Hill is 6’2 and is known for his speed, and strength when carrying the ball.  but it’s his shifty cuts to avoid the defense and incredible break-away speed that make him a key player this season.

LSU’s offensive linemen play a vital role in our success as well. These are the guys responsible for protecting our QB while he takes his time with the ball (the flaw I mentioned earlier). These linemen are especially important given LSU’s style of play, which is focuses more on running the ball to score points. Basically, LSU will need it’s lineman to step it up, giving Mettenberger sufficient time to decide what to do with the ball.

LSU isn’t always the most confident team, especially after our embarrassing National Championship game against Bama in 2011, and losing to our fellow SEC teams.  However, the team only needs to look at Jarvis Landry, our “fire starter” is a key player.  When put on the field, he delivers! No matter what he does he does it with confidence, and after any big play, he struts along confidently showing the opposing team just who they’re messing with. This “swagger” is a huuuuge factor in LSU’s success. Ok, so it’s not THE biggest factor, but it’s important! My mama always taught me, the most successful people go into situations confident they can do well, and Jarvis Landry’s skills and his confident demeanor just might take LSU to the top.  If he can get all the tigers as  pumped up as he is, they might just get their swagger back too!

As always, I hope you’re out there loving purple and living gold. I’ll see you on the flip side, and don’t forget to geaux tell someone you love them. Life is short, so let’s embrace it the way only tigers can!


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