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Alright Ladies, time for some news from Aggieland.

I am not much a fan of the spring. Texas has beautiful wildflowers that cover the landscaping, the Bluebonnets being the most popular, but that is about all the spring has to offer.  The weather here in Texas cannot figure out what to do with itself –HOT one day, low 40’s the next, rain in the morning, humid and steamy by noon, freeze warning by nightfall.  Everyone is dealing with allergies.  And of course, it’s not football season!  Spring football brings a little bit of relief, but it is just not quite the same.

And spring practice is officially over so we are now on the countdown to the fall.  I have the 2013 games on my calendar and we have the extra rooms in our house on reserve for friends coming in town.   The Aggies have 8 home games this year, so we are looking forward to some epic weekends of fun! Anticipation is already building here in College Station and around the Aggie Network.  September 14th is the day in particular that everyone keeps mentioning – the day the Tide rolls into Aggieland.  It will be an early season match-up of 2 top 5 teams and since it will be the day before my birthday, I am looking forward to the early gift of welcoming the Alabama fans to Kyle and watching the Aggies dominate them on the field once again.

Spring ball was fun, especially for those of us who live here and were able to attend all the events. An open scrimmage at Kyle Field Saturday March 23rd kicked things off.  Fans were allowed inside Kyle Field for the practice and the team hosted the Aggie Youth Experience afterwards.  Kids aged 8-13 got to run drills with the players and hang out on the field.

“Friday Night Lights” on April 5th showcased Sumlin’s ability to impress recruits by having a live DJ playing out of the equipment truck at the south end zone of Kyle Field.  You could tell the music had the players pumped up and the scores of recruits in attendance excited.  Coach Sumlin is a rock star.

Spring ball finished up this past Saturday with the annual Maroon and White game.  The record crowd of 45,212 people showed the team that the fans are behind them and ready to see what they can do on the field.  Even ESPN showed up to air the game live on TV – a first for the program. The excitement of returning Heisman winner Johnny Manziel, the widely talked about running backs and receiving group, and the questions of who is going to step up on defense all entice the thousands of people back to Aggieland.  The Maroon team, led by Manziel, beat out the white, 43-23, on the modified scoring system.  Manziel passed for 303 yards and 3 touchdowns proving he was still the exciting player we all love.

**And I have to add a quick personal rant here.**  Johnny Manziel has seen his popularity rise to levels unheard of in college sports since winning the Heisman.  Every little move he makes has been taken out of context and over analyzed.  Can’t we just let the kid be a kid!? I mean, he is a 20 year old college student – a very talented one sure, but he just wants to live out his college years.  It annoys me when I hear people talking bad about him.  Here is an article I read recently that I think covers all aspects of what Johnny’s life is like now and before he was famous.

And to close out today –  In the words of Coach Price on Twitter: Coach Price ‏@Coach_TPrice  As spring practice ends the Aggies now are in the hands of the best strength coach in the business. In Coach Jackson we trust!

Next up – Meet the players.  Quick summaries of the guys you will see on the field!

Thanks and Gig ‘Em!

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