Theme of the 1st Round of the Draft is: Seriously?!?

What a weird 1st round! Seriously (See I told you that was the theme)! Players that analysts were sure were going to go in the 1st round are sitting on the draft board waiting for the 2nd round. I still don’t know why everybody is surprised that Geno Smith wasn’t drafted in the 1st round. Don’t get me wrong; I think the guy has some definite talent. I just don’t think he’s 1st round material. I am a little surprised that Matt Barkley is still left on the board, but QB’s were not what most teams were aiming for coming in. And to be honest, the QBs in this years draft class just aren’t starter material. I think these guys need to be backups and learn for a couple of years. Then they will be in the position to head a team.

The 1st round of this years draft was predominantly focused on defensive players and offensive linemen. The first 2 picks this year were offensive lineman. I would also like to say that gridiriongirl predicted the first pick! Way to go us! A lot of the analysts said Joeckel would go first, but we firmly believed Fisher would be first. And we were right!! Ok last time I toot our horn…maybe.

I would also like to give a shout out to ‘Bama! 3 ‘Bama players were picked for the 9th, 10th, and 11th picks. Nice job churning out the good ones ‘Bama!

I don’t know if you watched the draft but there were some hilarious moments. Most notably from Jets, Bears, and Cowboys fans. The Jets made their 13th pick, the one they acquired from the Bucs in the Revis trade. Anyway, they were on the board and Eifert is still available. Everybody is thinking he’d be a good weapon for an offense that has struggled quite a bit. There were other offensive players available, which could maybe kick-start their offense this next season. So who do they pick? A defensive tackle!! Not that the guy they picked isn’t good because he really is, but the Jets could have had ANYBODY available to help out their offense and they went with a defensive player. After the pick the Jets fans attending the draft had this look of utter disbelief. A look that said Seriously?!? Bears fans were in a similar state on the 20th pick when Eifert is still available and Cutler could use an additional weapon and they go with…a guard! Bears fans are all like Seriously?!? And poor Cowboys fans, who with the 31st pick, go with a center! Again their offense needs some serious help and not of the offensive line variety. Cowboys fans were all thinking “Seriously”?!? I don’t in any way want to diminish the accomplishment of the guys that were selected because they are great players, but I think some teams were not picking players that were the best fit for them. That’s what the draft is about.

I have to do a shoutout to Tyler Eifert from Notre Dame (Since I’m also the ND blogger). He was picked 21st by the Bengals. I think this a good fit for him. Andy Dalton is a good QB who needs a target like Eifert. Eifert is big, fast, and his hands are like Velcro! He doesn’t drop many.

Since you all know I’m a huge Pats fan, I’m going do a side bar and talk about the Pats’ 1st round move. They traded their 29th pick to Minnesota for…wait for it…a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 7th round picks. Seriously?!? Minnesota was willing to give up that much for the 29th? Well all right, we’ll take it! I was happy with the trade. There wasn’t anyone in the 1st round that I really felt the Patriots HAD to have. Stockpiling later picks is smart. The Patriots came into the draft with some of the fewest picks at 5. Now they have 8. I don’t hate it.

So still on the board are most notably Matt Barkley, Manti Te’o, Geno Smith and Eddie Lacy. I can’t tell you how shocked I am that Eddie Lacy is still on the board. Have you seen this guy run? HE’S AMAZING! Whoever drafts him is getting a steal, mark my words!

So I’m going to predict where I think these guys will go. I’m horrible at predictions so put away the pitchforks and torches if these don’t work out.

I think Te’o has a good chance of going to the Steelers, Vikings, or Bears, all of those teams are looking for ILB and have the type of fast defense that Te’o would do well in. Barkley I think has a good chance going to either the Jags or the Raiders, both teams aren’t and haven’t done well at QB as of late so I think Barkley would be a good addition. Lacy could go to any team whose running game is anemic. He’ll go early though so I’m thinking the Bengals will take him. Drafting Lacy after taking Eifert would make the Bengals pretty complete on the offensive side of the ball. The Bengals have Green-Ellis and Lacy would be a great addition to their backfield. Geno Smith is a little harder for me, but I think teams like the Eagles or Bucs would be interested. Both of those teams are already set up for mobile QBs making Geno’s transition into the team that much easier.

We will have to see though, as the 1st round proved the draft is unpredictable and nobody does quite what you think they will. You can catch the 2nd round of the draft on ESPN and NFL Network at 6:30 EST.

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