So How Are Those Boys Lookin?

Yes, I am getting around to telling you about my glimpse of the boys at the Spring scrimmage game.  Life has been pretty hectic for me lately and that day was no different!  I was trying to snap some pictures, take notes, hang with my daughter and just ‘experience’ A Day as a fan, not a photographer, not a reporter.  Needless to say, it did not disappoint and I thoroughly enjoyed my day in T-Town.

Basically ladies, the A Day game is the spring time scrimmage game where the players play against one another in the stadium, in front of fans for the first time.  We talked about how they have had practices and have been working out and going through Saban’s ‘process’, all this time and all of that cultivates into the spring game.   The players like this because practice gets “boring” and they miss their fans. YAY, we love and miss these guys too!


It looked to me like we had an A team and a B team playing, with some switch ups.  AJ McCarron played QB for the white team and there was a change up of about 5 different QBs on the red team.  Yes, I said 5.  Is that a high number?  Yes.  What was up with that?  I think Saban wanted to see what all he has in his arsenal while letting the fans see it as well.  I think the back up QB position will go to Sims, but you may also hear names like Morris, Del Rio, Bateman and even McLeod, should things get crazy.  I won’t say I was blown away impressed with any of them as most, if not, all the QBs that day threw interceptions.  In their defense, they were playing against BAMA’s defense which is always on point, so they’re probably not used to going up against such versatile skill.  However, there is never an excuse for an interception…


That being said, I was impressed with special teams, the kicking and of course the defense.  Cody Mandell’s punts (he punted for both teams) were amazing, with a few being downed inside the 20.  You really can’t ask for any better than that!


All in all the players looked focused, but relaxed.  I am sure it had to be intimidating having Coach Saban ON THE FIELD as they played, but they seemed to handle it well.  There was a lot of familiar faces out on the field at halftime, DJ Fluker, Eddie Lacy and many more who have gone on to the NFL and to bigger and better things.  We wish them all the luck, and would like everyone to know, if there was ever any doubt, that University of Alabama produces winners.


Roll Tide!

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