Is Tim Tebow NFL Material?

Warning: My soapbox has arrived and I am stepping on it. You are about to read a whole lotta passion and a little anger. Sit back, read, and enjoy.

Tim Tebow. His name garners such a visceral reaction. You either love him or hate him and there’s no in between.

Tebow was just released from the Jets (commence happy dance). I’m so glad he got away from the toxic media circus that is the NY Jets. If you regularly read my blog than you know how I feel about the Jets. Joking and insults aside though, I want to explain why I don’t like the Jets. It really has nothing to do with Tebow except ftheir treatment of him only made my already low opinion of them plummet. It isn’t just that the Jets are division rivals of my beloved Pats. It’s because, in my opinion, they operate their organization with little integrity or professionalism. Rex Ryan spouts off….a lot. He predicts Super Bowl wins for the Jets, he demeans other players and coaches, and he can’t get control of his own locker room. If that’s not enough, the Jets acquired Tim Tebow from Denver and said there would be a “quarterback competition” when in fact there wasn’t. They used Tim Tebow as a media chip as if hey wanted the attention that comes with Tebow’s name. All along, they wanted Sanchez to start and when Sanchez was no longer capable to start last season, they put in McElroy without even giving Tebow a chance. You can say they played him a couple of times, but that isn’t really giving him a chance is it? There you have it- The short version of why I don’t like the Jets.

So on to Tebow. People speculate that the guy can’t succeed in the NFL. They complain about his unconventional throwing style and they lament about the media circus that accompanies him wherever he goes. They get upset about his conservative, Christian views. People say he’s overrated. People say he can’t do it.

I disagree with it all.

Tebow is a winner. His throwing style may be a little unconventional, but it works for him. Tebow is a great athlete. He’s big, fast, and has a head for the game. And, he’s versatile.  Not only could the guy play QB, but I also think he’d make a good tight end- or even full back. A team could take him and use him in a bunch of different positions and get their money’s worth! A guy can’t prove he’s overrated until he actually plays for a decent amount of time! Has he done that? That would be a resounding NO! What happened in Denver when he took over for a struggling Kyle Orton? He took a team that was 1-4, led them to the playoffs and then led them to a win over the Steelers, who everybody thought would roll right over Tebow and the Broncos. That doesn’t say overrated to me; that says WINNER!

He was released from Denver because they acquired Peyton Manning. I thought it was a crappy move, but hey I’m not John Elway. You know what Tebow said when Denver released him?

“First and foremost, I just want to thank the Denver Broncos for my time there. I understand what they were going through. You don’t get many opportunities to have a chance to sign Peyton Manning. What a great quarterback he is.”

Classy move by a classy guy.

Ok so what about the whole media circus thing? People say “I’m so tired of hearing about him”. Is that really Tebow’s fault? Can he control whether the media talks about him incessantly? I’m sure Tebow would prefer that the media leave him alone.

Now to the next point, his conservative Christian views. Why do people care what he believes? It doesn’t affect them one-way or the other. He’s an upstanding guy who is a great role model for children watching football. He isn’t out getting drunk, getting in fights, doing drugs, or running a dog-fighting ring. People say “Why does he have to talk about it all the time?” He talks about it because it’s a huge part of his life. What happens when you believe something emphatically? When it’s something so big it has irrevocably changed your life? You go and tell everybody about it! That’s why Tebow talks about his faith and is so passionate about it. You can’t blame the guy for being passionate about his beliefs. More people should be like that.

On a personal note, Tebow came to my town a while ago. He answered questions and talked about his football career. I went and came away with the sense that he is a genuine guy doing what he loves.

He deserves a chance to prove himself before the verbal daggers come flying. He deserves to be able to be himself and not have people call him names. There are a lot of people worse than him in the NFL, lets not attack a guy who so far has lived up to what he has “preached”.

There you have it- my Tim Tebow Soapbox. Take it or leave it.

Tim – I believe you in you and know that when you are given the right chance you are going to blow everybody away and silence the critics. You’ve done it before and will do it again. Can’t wait for that day.

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  1. Actually, I couldn’t agree more. Didn’t think I was going to say that did ya? HA! 🙂 I like Tim Tebow, almost as much as I like Peyton Manning. Why? Because they are good at what they do and they are good guys. Like you said, no trashy dog fighting drunks among these guys. I did make the comment that I didn’t think Tebow was cut out for Pro ball. But I said that simply because of the way that college players are conditioned differently than professional players. I think because of Tebow’s beliefs and personality, he blossoms when he is cared about by his coaches and peers. In the NFL there isn’t as much of that. And after living in New York for a while I can tell you there isn’t AN OUNCE of that to be had anywhere. Nobody there cares about you, they only care about themselves. Combine that with the way that the Jets are run (again in total agreement with you on that one as well) it just was NOT a good fit for Tebow. If he could go to a smaller, more quaint team that actually gives a crap about their players, he will again start to win. Because he is a winner. And he is passionate. And if you have a passionate winner who is sent out to fend for themselves, they will survive, but they may not perform as good as they could with a support system that really cares about them. Take it from someone who knows.
    I do believe that if Tebow finds the right home, he will rise again.

    • Love your comment Tracie! I couldn’t agree more! I can’t wait to see him silence the critics!

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