NFL Draft and Free Agency Done Tigah Style

Hey gridirongirls!
So the NFL draft days are over, and LSU came out successful- having 9 former Tigers drafted. It’s so exciting to see talent that once graced Death Valley moving forward to bigger things and helping new teams achieve success. This is one of the biggest reasons to love college football- it leads aspiring young men to bigger places. It gives athletes all over the chance to see how hard work and dedication pay off, and it shows that having love and passion for what you do will reward you generously.

Before I get into the Tigers that made their way to the NFL, let me say a big huge congrats to those players, the women that support, love and challenge them, the coaches and staff that pushed them and the families and fans who stood behind them no matter what the scoreboard said. These men are some of LSU’s finest and they will now give NFL fans across the country hope for a better season. Most importantly, they will also inspire athletes everywhere to achieve their professional dreams.

Now to share the list of the tigers we can expect to see in their new NFL gear thanks to the draft and free agency:

*Defensive End, Barkevious Mingo, went to the Cleveland Browns as the 6th pick in the first round of the NFL draft. He was later followed by his fellow former Tiger, Offensive Tackle, Chris Faulk, who signed with the Browns as a free agent.
*Safety, Eric Reid, went to the San Francisco 49ers as the 18th pick in the first round.
*Linebacker, Kevin Minter, was number 45 to be chosen in the second round and went to the Arizona Cardinals. Number 69 pick, Cornerback, Tyrann Mathieu, was also chosen in the third round to join the Cardinals.
*Defensive Tackle, Bennie Logan, number 67 to be chosen in the second round, went to the Philadelphia Eagles, and Place Kicker, Brad Wing, and Wide Receiver, Russell Shepard, signed with the Eagles as a free agents.
*Defensive End, Sam Montgomery,  was chosen 95th in the third round to go to the Houston Texans.
*Cornerback, Tharold Simon, was chosen during the 5th round, and was later joined by running back Spencer Ware, to go to the Seattle Seahawks. Defensive end Chancey Aghayere signed with the Seahawks as well, as a free agent.
*Defensive End Lavar Edwards was chosen in the 5th round by the Tennessee Titans.
*Tight End, Chase Clement, signed with the New York Giants as a free agent.
*Running Back, Michael Ford, and Center, P.J Lonergan, signed with the Chicago Bears as free agents.

This brings LSU’s total number of former players entering the NFL to 16, 9 in the draft and 7 free agents. This is great news for all the NFL teams lucky enough to snag a former Tiger and great news for those Tigers who had dreams of playing professionally. This is a record breaking number for LSU, their previous record of former Tigers to get drafted into the NFL being only 8 in the 1948 draft. The only college in the draft to have more players drafted was Florida State, who had 11 players drafted into the NFL this year.
Looks like another successful draft season for LSU, and some great NFL football this coming fall. I know I’ll be watching to see how these talented athletes measure up in the big leagues, and I hope you follow along too!

Now it’s your turn to write, leave a comment and tell me if you’re surprised that 8 of LSU’s 9 players drafted this year were underclassmen. I know I was shocked, but impressed is probably a better word for it! See ya again soon Tigers and as always keep loving purple and living gold and geauxing for your dreams!

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