Battle for the Rag; Biggest LSU rivalry

gridirongirls, I sure missed you! I guess I should fill you in…

I got the chance to fly home to New Mexico for a week and spend time with friends and family before I get too busy working and enjoying the South Carolina humidity I’m already dreading. But I’m excited to get back in the swing of things.

I thought I should start off with a topic that’s been around for decades- rivalry! LSU has many rivals- Ole Miss, Alabama, Auburn, Arkansas, Florida, Texas A&M, and the rest of the SEC! All rivals, based on their talent and likelihood of defeating the purple loving, gold living Tigers! However, their biggest and bad-est rivalry is one of my personal favorite stories about LSU!

LSU’s biggest rival has been, and will most likely always be, Tulane. It was November 25th, 1893 when the teams first came face to face in New Orleans, where Tulane demolished the Tigers 34-0. Since then, LSU’s record against Tulane is 69 wins, 22 losses and 7 ties, with an 18 game winning streak. This rivalry game has come to be known as the “Battle for the Rag.” This game has been played nearly every year since it came to be that fateful day in 1893. At the end of the game, the victorious team is awarded a satin flag, symbolizing a trophy known as the Tiger Rag at LSU and the Victory Rag at Tulane. The flag has diagonal halves dedicated to each team and the seal of Louisiana in the middle. It symbolizes good sportsmanship between the two teams, and was designed in 1940 after Tulane’s 14-0 win on November 26th, 1938, caused a massive riot.  It is rumored to have been burned in 1982 in a large fire at Tulane’s University Center, after Tulane defeated the Tigers yet again 31-28. This terrible event caused even more hatred between the teams.

The rivalry is said to have originally occurred due to geographical closeness between the two teams (Baton Rouge and New Orleans are only about 80 miles apart, and both teams being part of the SEC, SIAA, and Southern Conference)  When Tulane left the SEC and decreased their emphasis on their athletic programs, the rivalry began to slide downhill. At that time,  LSU began to dominate the rivalry  rose above their greatest rival.

In 2006 the teams renewed their annual game, but lost interest yet again after the October 31st, 2009 LSU 42-0 win against Tulane. If you ask around, any legit LSU fan would tell you that way back when there was no team more hated by LSU and its fans than the Tulane Green Wave.

It is rumored that LSU offered Tulane $700,000 to end their final 6 games because LSU felt the only way they would benefit from these games is if they were all held in Baton Rouge. Giving up their home games was not an option for LSU. Tulane had agreed to end their series early and take the money, however it is rumored they will be playing one last game, and this is likely to be a game we see in the upcoming years.

I’m hoping to see this rivalry game up close and personal, and I pray it’s an LSU home game!
Phew, talking about our rivalries is always an enthusiastic discussion for me, being so GEAUX TIGERS spirited and all.  It’s one of the best parts of being a fan- learning more and more about my team and sharing what I learn with you! Until next time, I hope ya’ll are still loving that purple and living life gold.

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