The LSU Match-Up I can't wait to see.

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So, this week I wanted to talk about the game I’m most excited to watch this upcoming season. This is a favorite topic of mine- discussing the games and players that I can hardly wait to watch in the fall. (It’s hard NOT to watch some of those players, if ya know what I mean!) But in all seriousness, Let’s get to THE game….
The very first LSU game I attended was on  October 13th 2012 against South Carolina. I met the love of my life at this game (he’s from SC and was there for the gamecocks… poor boy), I fell even more in love with the Louisiana culture, I met many amazing people and tried some outrageous new foods that I’ve never even dreamed of (ie. Fried alligator bites) But the best part of watching that game wasn’t the food, the fellow fans who share the die-hard devotion for the tigahs, the hot boys, the team we were playing or even the win we got against a fellow SEC team. It was being there. A combination of all those things led me to fall even more entrapped under the voodoo spell LSU has placed on me since I was a mere child!
This is why: Think about something you love more than most things. Now imagine being surrounded by THOUSANDS of people who feel the exact same about it. Add some delicious food, vibrant colors and costumes, toss in a live tiger, a huge match up against an SEC rival, love, fall air, loud chanting, and you’ll just about half way understand what that game did to me. When I got home to New Mexico after that weekend, I was never the same. I felt more focused towards my passion of football, my love for LSU, and hell bent on finding a way to feel that intense adrenaline again.

OK, back on topic. The game I am most excited about fall 2013 is against the Gators! As a VERY special treat, my boyfriend and a few of his friends (all gamecock fans!) will be joining me on a trip to Baton Rouge to watch the LSU vs Florida Gators game on October 12th. This date may ring a bell (If it doesn’t, see above). That’s reason #1 I’m stoked for this game. The second reason is the other young man accompanying us, my 14 year old brother, who happens to love both LSU and the Gators,is going to experience his first college football game live. He is one of the most talented athletes I have ever known, and at 14, he stands 5’11 weighing in at nearly 160lbs. This young man has real potential to play football in college, so I want to help him find the love for college football that I have, because let’s face it, loving high school football and loving NFL football is TOTALLY different than loving college football. The third reason this game is so important to me is the fact that it’s an SEC match up against one of the only teams LSU lost to in 2012. And, it was in the swamp. Most SEC fans know that both Louisiana and Florida have swamps, the biggest difference is LSU’s “swamp” is often referred to as the bayou, making LSU the Bayou Bengals, and Florida’s being the swamp (which is where those smelly gators belong). Playing SEC teams away from home is a real weakness for LSU, and can really go either way. Heck, we lose to a few non SEC teams from time to time when it’s an away game. This year the Gators are coming to LSU’s home stadium and will taste the bitter taste of defeat at Death Valley! For me, playing at home against an SEC rival is such a rush! It’s a tailgating experience I highly recommend and it’s a game you won’t be able to take your eyes off of. It’s a feeling you will never feel anywhere else.
So, when I am asked, and I often am, which LSU game I am most excited for in the upcoming season I will be pleased to inform others that my biggest “must see” this upcoming year is against Florida. Not only is Florida an amazing college football team located fairly near to Louisiana and sharing the SEC brotherhood with my tigers, they are also geauxing to prove to be an intense opponent nearly every year, the way they have in the past.
This pick is more opinion based  than factual based, so as a follow up I’ll be posting the fact/statistics- based “biggest match up” in my next post. Keep an eye out.
But before you go, leave me a comment telling me which LSU match-up in 2013 YOU’RE most excited about! I’d love to hear from ya! In the meantime tigahs, I hope you are still loving purple and living gold. Remember to spread the word about and check out all my posts, made available through the LSU link on the gridiron homepage. Oh, and don’t forget to congratulate LSU’s baseball team on their upcoming advancement to Omaha. Geaux Tigers!

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