Tim Tebow To The Patriots? Yes Please!

Tim Tebow is a New England Patriot! He signed a 2 year deal with no guaranteed money. This is exciting! You say you don’t like Tebow? You don’t want him playing for the Pats? Well that’s stupid! Yep I said it! You should all know my opinion on Tebow by now and  if you don’t, go check out my post, Is Tim Tebow NFL Material?

He’s such a talented, athletic player, as well as a good person and a leader. He didn’t do much at the Jets you say? Umm nobody could do much there- it’s the NY Jets. They’re the Kardashians of football. Just in case you need a recap on my opinion,  he could flourish in the right system and that system is the New England Patriots!! Imagine what he could learn from Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. Belichick had this to say:

“Tim is a talented player, is smart and works hard. We’ll see how it goes”

Also, when asked what position he will play Belichick said “we will see”. Ya we will! I can’t wait!

He would do well at tight end, especially with the state of New England’s tight end corps. Gronk may not be ready for the start of the season,  and while nobody wants to replace Gronk, I believe Tebow could help out big time in that area. We will have to see though.

Oh man I’m pumped! I found out about this last night and I was flooded with FB posts and text messages wondering what I thought. Think this football thing has gone a little far if people think of you when they hear football news? Nah, it could never go too far!

Regular season starts September 8th and it’s going to be AWESOME! I’m going through major withdrawal and it isn’t pretty. 89 days Pats fans! 2 months and 28 days. 89 days to stock up on Pats gear, chew our nails, and make fun of the Jets. Oh wait we do that all the time…

Let me know what you think on this latest move by the Patriots. Comment on the post or tweet me @PatsFanGirl12. Do it!

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