Rolando Goes Back to School!

So Alabama football just seems to get ‘curiouser and curiouser’!  Right now, things should be calm, everyone enjoying the summer and getting ready for fall and the start of football season.  However, things are not all ‘lazy days of summer’ here in the South, there is always something cooking on the football front!

One major thing I want to discuss is Rolando McClain’s decision to return to Tuscaloosa and go back to school after spending three years in the NFL.  WAIT, WHAT??  Yep, Coach Saban announced it yesterday so it’s happening!  I know that sounds like a reverse move right?  And why would someone want to do that?

McClain is a good football player, he was an All American Linebacker and helped lead the Tide to the National Championship in 2010.  However, since being drafted by the Oakland Raiders, he has been in a lot of trouble and has never really adjusted to life outside the Capstone.  He recently announced he was “retiring” from the NFL at the ripe old age of 23 to focus on getting his life in order.  I would like to point out that the media has been giving this poor guy HECK for this and it really just ticks me off.  Mainly because I get lumped into that group of “media” but clearly you know that we here at gridirongirl take a whole different approach to reporting about our players, and I for one would NEVER give someone crap about wanting to make their life better.  Ever.

Off my soap box now, I feel like this is a very smart move for McClain.  We’ve had numerous discussions here at gridirongirl about Tebow and his lack of greatness thus far in the NFL.  We all agree that he is a great player and given the right staff and coaching, he could reach the same superstar status he had in college.  I feel the same way about McClain.  I don’t know about football programs in other places, but I do know that in Alabama, being a part of a football team is being a part of a family.  Once they go off to the NFL they are on their own, and some NFL Coaches do not tend to their players or their teams the way they do here.

I am proud of Rolando for deciding he wanted something better out of life for himself and being man enough to admit he was going about it the wrong way.  I wish him the best of luck in life and hope that he knows that he will always remain in the hearts of the Alabama Fans.

Roll Tide!  And carry on…feel free to tweet your thoughts or leave comments. @TracieMarcum

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  1. Awesome post and I agree! How many years of eligibility does he have left? Did he graduate or leave early in order to have eligibility left? I hope this works out for him and Alabama. I really hope going back to Alabama helps him straighten things out. gridirongirl is behind you McClain! (totally makes me think of Die Hard).

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