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I’m sure you’re well aware of the horrible tornadoes that have devastated our wonderful state, but we are recovering thanks to the help of many! The relief efforts have been absolutely unbelievable. It’s so great to see how many wonderful people are out there! As for Oklahoma State, the university, students, student-athletes and alumni have done an amazing job as well with reaching out.

OSU, along with the OU and the University of Tulsa joined together to sell t-shirts in support of tornado relief and raised $130,00! Absolutely incredible. The shirts are still available and can be purchased here.

Many of the university’s athletes and coaches have traveled south to give help and good wishes first hand to the victims. The list includes, but is not limited to the baseball team, football team and basketball coaching staff. Travis Ford and his crew went onsite and grilled burgers for victims and the football team is traveling there today.

An impressive number of notable athletic alumni have also reached out. Former OSU quarterback Brandon Weeden was on site for a few days helping out people. His wife, Melanie has a brother in Moore who lost his home.

PGA Golfer and OSU alum Rickie Fowler pledged to match the first $100,00 donated to tornado relief. Hunter Mahan, also on the PGA tour, donated as well.

Tony Allen, OSU basketball alum and current Memphis Grizzly, pledged to match fan donations. The Grizzlies donated $90,000 to tornado relief.

The Oklahoma City Thunder was also a hughe help. Along with Kevin Durant’s handsome $1million donation, he and other players went onsite to help and give comfort to those in need.

It is awesome seeing all of these incredible people doing so much to help the state we all love! It certainly inspired me to do my part. I donated several boxes of clothing and accessories to the relief efforts. If you are interested in helping, you can purchase a t-shirt at the link above, donate to the red cross or goodwill. Just specify you are donating to tornado relief. At this point anything helps! Oklahoma is an amazing state and we will rebuild!

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