LSU Trivia: Just When You Think You Know It All


I was thinking… I love LSU, you love LSU, and this blog is meant to be informational, fun and exciting for you to follow along and read what I have to say… isn’t it? So I’ve decided to test you a little on juuuust how much you really know about the Tigers.

Hopefully this little trivia challenge is more fun than not, and increases your already substantial knowledge of LSU. Don’t worry, I did a little research and dug around for some tid bits  to test you on. I don’t know everything about LSU (hard to believe, I know!) If anything, you can toss these pieces of info around at the next LSU tailgate or football game party, or even use this trivia game to test your fellow Tiger fans. Tell them you’ll reward them with some tiger stripes, or maybe an ice cold sweet tea, for their participation.

To start us off, I’ll explain the scoring. It’s fairly simple. Each question will have the number of Tiger stripes (or points) its worth if you get it right in parenthesis at the end of the question. The answers to all  questions are at the bottom, but you better not cheat! The questions range in difficulty, and some may even be trick questions. So get your Tiger ears ready, and keep track of your stripes. At the end of the trivia challenge, remember to leave a comment telling me how many you earned, if you learned anything new, and if you’ll be sharing this trivia with other fans!

Alright Tigahs, lets begin!

1. Which Broadway show tune is the LSU song “Hey fighting Tigers”  a modified version of? (4 stripes)

A. Give my regards to Broadway

B. Hey Look Me Over

C. Don’t Rain On My Parade

2.During which 1988 LSU game did a crowd of nearly 80,000 fans react to the final pass of the game, loud enough to register as an earthquake by LSU’s seismograph (located on LSU campus about one thousand feet from Death Valley Stadium)? (3 tiger stripes)

A. Auburn

B. Alabama

C. Tulane

3. Name LSU’s mascot (2 tiger stripes)

4. What is LSU’s marching band known as? (3 tiger stripes)

A. Bayou Bengals Band

B. Marching Mikes

C. Golden Band from Tigerland

5. What year did LSU compete in their very first bowl game? (4 tiger stripes)

6.  Which NCAA rule does LSU bend or break? (3 tiger stripes)

A. Home teams must wear color and visitors wear white- LSU wears white jerseys to home and away games.

B. Ball weight of 14-15 ounces- LSU’s game day balls weigh in at 12 ounces

C. Thigh Guards are required- LSU’s kickers, punters and safeties do not wear thigh guards

7. Coach Les Miles was caught with which of these in his mouth during 2011’s home win against Alabama?(4 tiger stripes)

A. Mouth guard

B. Sunflower seeds

C. Grass from the field

8. LSU head coach, Les Miles, is often referred to as what? (2 tiger stripes)

9.  Before the invention of popular sports drink, Gatorade, what did LSU drink to rehydrate during games? (1 tiger stripe)

A. Cucumber infused water

B. Coca-Cola

C. Bengal punch

10. What happens for every time that Mike the Tiger roars during his pre-game lap around the field? (3 tiger stripes)

A. The number of roars=number of injuries on the opposing team

B. The number of roars=  number of times LSU will score

C. The number or roars = number of points opposing team will lose by

D. The number of roars= number of times LSU’s quarterback will run the ball instead of throwing.

11. Who did LSU beat in the 2003 National Championship Game? (2 tiger stripes+1 extra credit stripe if you can guess the score)

A. Alabama

B. Florida

C. Georgia

aa. 34-13

bb. 27-14

cc. 34-21

12. What year did LSU lose to Alabama by 44 points? (2 tiger stripes)

13. Who was LSU’s first head coach? (2 tiger stripes)

A. Nick Saben

B. John Gregg

C. Charles Coates

14. What is the capacity for number of fans at Death Valley? (3 tiger stripes)

A. 95,498

B. 89,236

C. 92,542

15. What is LSU’s all time record? (3 tiger stripes)



16.  In what year did the game now known as “The Bluegrass Miracle” occur?(1 tiger stripe)

A. 1973

B. 1998

C. 2002

17. Name the player to complete the last minute touchdown in the 1988 “EarthQuake Game” (2 Tiger stripes)

A. Eddie Fuller

B. Tommy Hudson

C. Nick Saben

18. What is LSU’s fight song named? (1 tiger stripe)

A. Geaux Fight LSU

B. Fight for LSU

C. Fighting Tigers

19. Which other college team’s stadium is referred to as “Death Valley”? (2 tiger stripes)

20. What year did LSU sponsor a football team, and did they win or lose their first game and who did they play? (3 tiger stripes)

A. 1984, win- Tulane

B. 1899, loss- Tulane

C. 1893, loss- Tulane


Ready for some answers now? I have a feeling you learned a lot, I know I gained some knowledge, and would not have gotten 100% on this my first time! The answers are listed below, I hope you didn’t cheat ;]!







1. B

2. A

3. Mike the Tiger

4. C

5. 1936

6. A

7. C

8. Mad Hatter

9. C

10. B

11. C (aa for extra credit point)

12. 1922

13. C

14. C

15. A

16. C

17. B

18. B

19. Clemson Tigers

20. C


TOTAL POINTS: 50 available.

See ya next time Tiger fans. I hope you enjoyed this mid- week quiz and don’t forget to share the link with your friends! Keep following and spreading the word, and geaux enjoy that sweet tea, you earned it!

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