LSU May Be Facing Mountains, Thanks To Hill

Hello again gridiron girls!

I have some big but not so good news regarding our favorite college football team. Actually, it’s regarding our star running back Jeremy Hill.

I don’t know if you remember his arrest earlier this spring after a fight occurred at Reggie’s Bar in Baton Rouge, but he allegedly left someone unconscious. Charges have been pressed for simple battery and sources are now saying that Hill has plead guilty and will face a hearing in August! Allegedly there is video footage that has been released that shows Hill and  Robert Bayardo punching the victim, 20-year old Connor Baldridge, on the side of the head and then laughing,  if this footage actually contains Hill committing the alleged act, it means bad things for him.

For this Hill has a court order to pay a $375 restoration fee for Baldridge’s medical bills, attend anger management, and will be on probation until further notice. He has not received any jail time yet, but that could very well change. Baldridge’s family has not pressed charges, it is said that they are leaving the decision up to the judge. Hill is also ordered not to comment to the media about the situation; his hearing is scheduled for August 16,2013.

Sadly for Hill his punishment won’t stop with the judicial system. He’ll face issues with LSU and what punishment they deem necessary. LSU head coach Les Miles did confirm that Hill is now suspended indefinitely and his future with the LSU football program is incredibly doubtful. This is not just a punishment for Hill, however, the entire team and its fan base suffers from Hill’s actions.

The future of LSU’s 2013 season might not look quite as bright as it did just a couple days ago, thanks to Jeremy Hill being arrested in Baton Rouge for simple battery. Yes, this is just as shocking and horrifying to me as it is to you! I love Jeremy Hill! He has such a natural talent for football and has helped LSU reach great heights for several seasons. Seeing guys like this getting into trouble and setting that kind of example for other athletes, young adults, and college students is the definition of heart break if you ask me!

While we are all concerned for Hill’s present and his future the real question on our minds now is, “what will happen if Hill isn’t able to play when the season rolls around?” Well, junior running back Kenny Hilliard and senior running back Alfred Blue will be under even greater pressure than usual, having to work even harder to pick up the slack Hill is leaving behind. Hilliard made his debut in 2011 when he rushed for 336 yards and had 8 touchdowns en route to all-freshman honors from the SEC’s coach’s poll, he followed that up with 464 yards and 6 touchdowns in the 2012 season. Hilliard does have talent, that’s never been a question, but he hasn’t been a consistent feature-back during his first 2 years on campus. I’m not telling you that he isn’t capable of performing under pressure; he just hasn’t had the chance to prove he can. Blue however has proven himself, he has the size to go between tackles at top speed, which makes him a real weapon, but his recent knee surgery puts him in an unstable place, causing concern for tiger fans. I have all the faith in the world though that they can handle this pressure and that the tigers will return to the top ranks of the league this fall.

It’s never good to see the Tigers misbehave and wind up in trouble. It makes fans start to wonder how the whole team will do. The consequences that misbehaving athletes face are fair and I personally believe they shouldn’t be given any special favors just because they perform well and are considered to be celebrities of their school. They are role models to athletes, kids, and individuals of all ages and not just locally, but everywhere. They should live up to the expectations set upon them to abide by rules and behave appropriately. After all, these are things they are legally signing contracts to do when they join the team, and when they go against these rules they go against the entire values system of their team, school, and fan base in addition to breaking the law!

I’d be sad to see Hill miss out on a season at LSU, but his legal history may make it tricky for LSU to help him, or to give him a second chance. In other words, it may not be up to LSU what happens to Jeremy Hill at this point. Hopefully we will see Hill again, but if not I hope he is able to get his life back on track and geaux forward in his education and his future! Keep on reading, and living gold. Geaux tigers! XO

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