A Day in the Spotlight

So today it was the reigning National Champions day at SEC Media Days.  It was well worth the wait and they did not disappoint.

The roar of the crowd announced their entrance.  The highlight for most came when Nick Saban, AJ McCarron, CJ Mosley and Anthony Steen took time to sign autographs for the waiting fans.  It’s no wonder we love these guys right?  They actually take the time to sign autographs for their fans, which is basically a big thank you from these guys.

Saban was first to take the big stage as the others broke off for radio interviews and portraits.  He was cool, calm and collected as always.  At times he became very animated and used his hands to talk, but for the most part he was answering questions like the pro that he is.  Some of the things that stood out to me were his comments on consequences for bad behavior and how it affects not only the player but the team.  Also the talk of discipline and taking a personal interest in his players so that they will go on to be successful in whatever walks of life they choose.  Between the way he cares for his players and the new enhancements made to the weight room that include spas, TVs, arcade and rec room, I can’t imagine why any player who was courting Alabama as their school would not be beyond happy to play for this program.  According to all the players that spoke today, they know that where they are and what they are doing is a blessing.

AJ was next up to speak.  I tweeted that I have been watching all these players this week and he was by far the most mature one that I have watched.  There seems to be a big gap in what some people are calling a “20 year old college kid” and a 22 year old man.  I won’t mention any names here but it was VERY clear to me the difference in the two today and I can say in my opinion, how a person conducts themselves is what makes the difference between a kid and a man.  AJ exemplifies this and I thought it was a great follow up to the fiasco that was the Johnny Manziel spectacle yesterday.  AJ spoke with the upmost respect for his family, his team, his coaches and even about his friend Johnny.  Again, he never ceases to impress me but today it was just with words and I know that he has his head on right and that his Moma is proud!

Anthony Steen spoke to the media with a guarded yet nervous demeanor.  Explained to the media folks by his team mate CJ Mosley who told onlookers that he “wasn’t sure if Anthony was scared to death of Coach Saban but he is scared to death of you guys” as he laughed.  Seems there may have been some teasing on the car ride in to Hoover today.  Anthony is the quiet yet solid returning Senior right guard.  He rarely makes a mistake, being the only offensive lineman last year to not allow a single sack or have a single penalty.  He has said that he just does his job and expects that record to speak for itself.  And it definitely does, but today he did step up and speak for his team’s mostly new offensive line that he will be leading on to the field.  And just like AJ, he spoke with a maturity beyond anything I had seen this week.

CJ Mosley was the most light hearted of the group.  He cracked a joke here and there and had nothing but great things to say about his team and his coaches.  He understands that they are the ones to be beat this year and he feels like they are ready for the challenge.  He talks about buying in to the Alabama system, or ‘the process’ as it is better known and how playing for Alabama holds individuals to a much higher standard than most.  He even admittedly doesn’t have “as much hate for Auburn” as some of other Alabama fans or players.  It’s okay CJ, we will forgive you.  🙂

Overall, I was impressed with our day in the media spotlight.  The countdown continues, only 43 more days!

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Roll Tide Y’all!!

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