LSU and the NCAA Award Watchlists, The Grammy's of Football

gridirongirls, have you been staying up to date with LSU football’s latest events? Well if not, you’re in luck! It is my job to keep you up to date with all things LSU football, so let’s take a peek into the light at the end of the tunnel for LSU- the award watch lists! That’s right ladies, it’s award watch list season, so now’s the time to start re-educating ourselves on players who have been added to watch lists for some of the most prestigious awards in the NCAA!

Let’s kick things off with The 2013 Maxwell award watch list. If you aren’t familiar with the Maxwell award, it’s something that’s presented once a year to the collegiate football player who is voted the best American football player of the year. It is judged by a panel of experts, including Sportscasters, sports writers, the Maxwell award members and NCAA head coaches, who are all qualified and educated to judge as unbiased as possible.There are only 2 people who have ever won the award twice, John Lattner (Notre Dame 1952-53) and Tim Tebow (Florida Gators 2007-08). LSU hasn’t had a player win this award yet, HOWEVER this year our very own Zach Mettenberger (QB) is on the watch list for the 2013 award! The fact that he is even being watched for such an award is an honor, so I highly encourage you to send all your most positive vibes out to him and the team this season. let’s get LSU’s name on that Maxwell award winners list!

LSU also has 2 fine young men on the watch list for the Bronko Nagurski trophy, which honors the nation’s highest preforming defensive player since 1993. LSU’s very own Anthony Johnson (Defensive Tackle) and Craig Loston (Safety) are ranked highly on the watch list, and therefore we should all be crossing our fingers  for these young men (and LSU). Winning this trophy is not just an individual effort but one of the entire team’s greatest feats!
Not only has LSU’s name crossed those two watch lists, but also the Outland Trophy list, a trophy given to the most outstanding interior lineman in the nation. LSU has 2 men up for this trophy as well, La’el Collins (Offensive Tackle) and Anthony Johnson (Defensive tackle-up for the Nagurski trophy too? His mama must be proud!). The 2012 winner, Luke Joeckel, was drafted to play for my favorite NFL team, the Jacksonville Jaguars, after winning this award at Texas A&M.
It’s almost unfair to have so many SEC names on these lists, but hey, the SEC is known for its unlimited talent and southern boys who grew up big and strong! So don’t forget to pay attention to these players this season as they work tirelessly towards winning these trophies. Even if they don’t win, we all know LSU has the most outstanding everything!
Keep loving purple and living gold and stay tuned. As the season approaches, gridirongirl is heatin’ up!

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  1. You are turning me into an LSU fan!

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