Strong Players Showing Their Softer Side

I’m sure you all agree, nothing is cuter than muscular, maroon uniformed, MSU football players in tight pants; except for said cute guys in maroon and white football uniforms, spending time with children at the Blair E. Batson Hospital for Children in Jackson, MS. One day after leaving the SEC Media Days in Hoover, AL, MSU football players and cheerleaders spent time at this state-of-the-art hospital for children battling cancer, terminal illnesses, and surgeries.

Imagine a sweet girl, IV’s hooked up to her very small arm, confined to her hospital bed. Perhaps no hair and no strength, perhaps prepping for the next surgery- which certainly won’t be the last (her parents, along with many others, have probably convinced her that she, too, will play sports at MState) gets a visit from some really awesome, energetic, kind, warmhearted, humble SEC football players. Now imagine that Tyler Russell, Jay Hughes, Josh Robinson, LaDarius Perkins, Gabe Jackson, among others, along with ever enthusiastic cheerleaders are in your room! (On a side note, if i ever needed a babysitter, i would love, love, love for the cheerleaders to stay with my kids! … Please??)

These athletes don’t look at your IV’s. They don’t look at the scars. They don’t look at anything except your loving heart and your determination to conquer your illness, being the most important aspect of all.

The players and cheerleaders goof off with the children, signing their names on the “who’s been here” board, teaching the ever-famous Mississippi State University fight song, HAIL STATE! and cheer moves. It’s a great day in these kids’ lives, and that’s a fact.

After these children overcome their illnesses, regain strength and return to playing with neighborhood kids, they’ll say, “Hey, Tyler Russell is playing in the NFL now. Ya know what? I’ve met him before! He gave me a hug and told me to never give up. And. I. Didn’t. I never gave up.”

There are so many cute videos of their time with theses darling children, which I encourage you to watch:

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About Laurie (43 Articles)
A true southern girl at heart, Laurie was raised to love football. Her years at Mississippi State really developed her passion for everything gameday: Getting primped and polished in über-cute outfits, tailgating with new and old friends, fans clanging cowbells with great exuberance while the Bulldogs play great football inside Davis Wade Stadium. Laurie is a huge fan of Coach Mullen, his wife, Megan, and the team he has built. Could this team have a Heisman candidate??… After moving to Texas and marrying a fellow football fan who graduated from UTSA, she was thrilled when UTSA announced its plan to build a football program. The Athletic Director, Mrs. Lynn Hickey, has done a phenomenal job and has a large fan following, including Laurie. Laurie has been a season ticket holder since the first season, and has loved watching the team grow. Laurie loves to be crafty at times. Hand-painted glasses for both teams fill her cabinets, team wreaths hang on her front door. Her blue and orange feathered sombrero makes it to every UTSA game, loud and proud. Laurie has a B.S. in Marketing, and a Minor in Apparel, Textiles, and Merchandising from Mississippi State University.

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