SEC Fashion Divas


Get the look: UA Chevron Bag by Totally Collegiate 35.00

There is much ado about how girls in the SEC dress for a football game.  I am sure you have already realized that here in the SEC, we do things a little bit differently.  I like to think it’s a little bit better, or maybe we just know how to put a shine on things like. . .National Championship rings.

So let it be no surprise that we don’t just show up at the game dressed like we just rolled out of bed.  There is a rhyme and reason to this madness, and while it all isn’t the most stylish, each plays a part in the spirit of SEC football.

In Alabama for example, It all starts out in the student section where most have paint all over their bodies and are red and white from head to toe.  We know their Mama’s are so proud. Then, there are the Sororities and Fraternities, who wear their suits, bow ties, and pearls.

Get the look: Blue Dress by Queen of the Tailgate 33.00. Ole Miss Polka Dot canvas Bag by Totally Collegiate 29.00

Then there are what I like to call the “SEC Fashion Divas”.  These ladies take as much care and pride in dressing up for Saturday SEC football games as they do dressing for church on Sunday mornings!  These are the ones who go all out with boots, heels, dresses, diamonds and pearls. Their make-up is always spot on, and a hair is never out of place.  This is what the majority of girls in the South enjoy wearing to games.  Maybe it’s because that is how most Southern ladies conduct themselves in their every day lives, and game day is just another one of those days, only more exciting!  Just because it’s a guys sport does not mean you can’t look cute watching it right?

Get the look: Alabama Crimson Tide Dress by Meesh and Mia 74.00

It always starts off too hot to handle at the beginning of the season, so dresses like  Hailey is wearing Above is a GREAT way to keep cool and still look cute doing it!  As the season carries on, a cool breeze blows in to town and we can add jeans or leggings and scarves and gloves- all matching of course!  Late in the year, or if we are lucky, EARLY in the year at Bowl games and Championship games, we can go all out with our boots and houndstooth jackets.  The main thing to remember if you are going to be an SEC Fashion Diva is this: Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!

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So have fun putting these cute looks together with all the fan gear you already have, of course if you are superstitious like our Erica,  you may need a new shirt for every game!  In that case, head on over to the ladies at College Hautees,  Meesha & Mia,  and  Simply Sporty and Queen of the Tailgate, to get your SEC Fashion Diva look and GET SHOPPING!  (admit it, you were waiting on me to say those 2 words)!

Time to gear up ladies, we are only 30 days until kick off!

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