The First Lady of Mississippi State Football

The First Lady of State Football

“I am a coach’s wife, I wear my colors bright
I’ll travel any distance to see my team play tonight.
No matter what the “season,” I will be a faithful fan
Because I stand beside the coach, the leader, the man.
So bring on the fun — I’ll even face the strife
‘Cause I know God will give me the strength to be a coach’s wife!”

Megan Mullen has a plaque with this inscribed on it, reminding her how important her role is. But I highly doubt she needs to be reminded. In a 2011 interview with Starkville Daily News, she talked about her roles at Mississippi State. She’s a wife to Head Coach, Dan Mullen, Mom to 2 beautiful young children at home, and also Mom to 85 college kids wearing football pads. She knows how important it is for these young adults to have a Mother figure. They work so hard to be better athletes, and sometimes they may feel overwhelmed. Mrs. Megan  is there to calm them down, talk about girlfriends, encourage them to get good grades, and make each and every one feel important, respected, and to be a good, decent man.

Mrs. Megan brags about the welcome mat that was rolled out to her and Coach when they first moved to Starkville. Mrs. Megan says the support she has received from the community is like nothing she has experienced in her life. That may be part of the rich tradition of “southern hospitality”. I’m sure the support is also due to HER lovingness, and HER open heart. She is a relatable woman that anyone can have a conversation with. Mrs. Megan hosted the annual Football Women’s Clinic a couple years ago, and the attendance spiked from about 100 ladies to over 200. The lady campers were extremely excited to spend a day with her and she had a few ideas of her own. She decided to spice things up a bit, or in her words “’chic’ things up a bit”, with fashion shows, fun and energy I’m sure only she could bring.

Can you imagine how stressful it would be to be a head coach’s wife?! Wow. I don’t think most would be able to handle it. It takes a very careful balance of poise, unconditional love, knowing when to speak your mind, knowing when he needs his space; knowing that you have to be the one taking care of the household, the kids, the dogs, the groceries, the doctors appointments, and still have your own speaking engagements you are scheduled to attend. I think she has the equivalent of at least 3 full time jobs. Coach Mullen realizes her integral part of his success, and nicknamed her “Co-Head Coach”. Pretty fitting, if you ask me.

Coach Mullen and Mrs. Megan met while she had a sports broadcasting position with The Golf Channel. He pursued her relentlessly until she finally succumbed and went on a date with him. He had coaching positions at other universities; she knew the life that was being created, and she loved it. Mrs. Megan grew up around sports, specifically golf. Her father owned a golf course and she was the captain of her high school golf team. She majored in broadcast journalism, with a minor in sports and political science at Ohio University. It just so happened that she was covering a golf tournament, for The Golf Channel, at legendary Old Waverly Golf Club in West Point, MS – she had a few hours to spare, so she took the short drive to Starkville to see the campus and have dinner (unbeknownst to her Husband). It was not long after her visit, that Coach Mullen got a call from MSU, offering him a head coaching position. She said, ‘YES! I went there and it’s a beautiful town!’ Coach Mullen may have been a bit baffled, but nonetheless, it was thanks to her secret trip that helped him decide that Starkville would be a perfect fit for this family for a nice, long while.

Thank you, Mrs. Megan Mullen! We love you, your enthusiasm, and your love for the game. You are a wonderful ‘First Lady of Football’ at Mississippi State!

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About Laurie (43 Articles)
A true southern girl at heart, Laurie was raised to love football. Her years at Mississippi State really developed her passion for everything gameday: Getting primped and polished in über-cute outfits, tailgating with new and old friends, fans clanging cowbells with great exuberance while the Bulldogs play great football inside Davis Wade Stadium. Laurie is a huge fan of Coach Mullen, his wife, Megan, and the team he has built. Could this team have a Heisman candidate??… After moving to Texas and marrying a fellow football fan who graduated from UTSA, she was thrilled when UTSA announced its plan to build a football program. The Athletic Director, Mrs. Lynn Hickey, has done a phenomenal job and has a large fan following, including Laurie. Laurie has been a season ticket holder since the first season, and has loved watching the team grow. Laurie loves to be crafty at times. Hand-painted glasses for both teams fill her cabinets, team wreaths hang on her front door. Her blue and orange feathered sombrero makes it to every UTSA game, loud and proud. Laurie has a B.S. in Marketing, and a Minor in Apparel, Textiles, and Merchandising from Mississippi State University.

2 Comments on The First Lady of Mississippi State Football

  1. What a wonderful article about the support and encouragement behind ‘the coach’. The insight into her life and personality was wonderful! thank you!
    I would like to see similar articles about maybe the moms or wives who are supporting the players. The ‘she’ view to the rough and tumble ‘he’ sport of MSU football.


    • Thank You Carolyn! That is our aim here at gridirongirl- to show the more personal side of the players and coaches, to help women connect to and LOVE the game! Thank you for following!


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