Welcome Back Jeremy Hill!

Ladies I had to be the first to tell you, Jeremy Hill is coming back!

Yes the shear talent of our favorite sophomore was voted back onto the team by the team! Coach Les Miles left it up to a team vote whether or not Jeremy Hill would be allowed to play again and they had a hard time saying no! After all, in his freshman year (the few games he did play in) he had 755 rushing yards and 12 tackles! He stands at about 6’2” and weighs 235 pounds and has the speed needed to score big! With him and Alfred Blue, LSU is looking at one heck of a season!

If Hill can behave himself and adhere to the conditions of his parole, we may have the golden child of LSU on our hands.  While some are not so happy about his return, I am ecstatic. He brought nothing but power to the field in every game he played, and dominated against fellow SEC teams such as, Texas A&M and South Carolina. He didn’t disappoint in any way when he was set on the field and allegedly has nothing but positive things to say about participating in LSU football his freshman year.

Honestly, I was going to pout my way through the season if he wasn’t allowed to come back, and even though I am still angry with his behavior outside of the bar that night, I’m positive he has a bright future ahead of him. All Hill needs to do now is continue to focus on football and let his indescribable abilities speak for themselves.

I’m also very pleased with Coach Miles’ ability to handle the situation so delicately, and allowing the team to have a say in Hill’s return. After all, his actions did affect his entire team too, and I’m sure they were skeptical of allowing him back, and rightly so! I’d be a little more than fearful after the way he handled himself that night outside of the bar, but LSU is known for their morals and one of those being forgiveness. Coach has said in the past that his team is a family, and there is no better way for him to prove that than to allow them to make such a pertinent decision for themselves! Bravo Coach Miles, bravo!

Hill has allegedly already begun to practice with the team and is expected to continue to do so. He was able to address his team and thank them for the 2nd chance and apologize about the incident before practice on August 5th . He has also spoken publicly about his actions. All I can say about that is that I hope he sticks to his word about being a better man now, cleaning up his act, and continues to work to prove himself. We love him as an athlete but could stand to see some improvement in his character off the field. Other than that, there’s nothing left to say but the man is human and has made mistakes. If he is willing to work to fix them, I applaud him and welcome him back with open arms and a hopeful spirit that he leads us to the National Championship this fall!

Welcome back Jeremy Hill. We’re happy to have you and cannot wait to see what you bring to the Valley this year! The news of your return only has my heart skipping beats while waiting for the season to begin!

Geaux Tigers!!

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