Phil Knight's Newest UO Masterpiece

This week, The University of Oregon unveiled Uncle Phil’s newest masterpiece- The 68 million dollar Hatfield-Dowlin Complex. To quote Head Coach Mark Helfrich, “If a building was a superhero, that’s it”. For months I have passed the construction zone, at times skeptical of the apparent extravagance, but I have to say it truly is incredible and Oregon has just received an amazing gift from Phil and Penny Knight. We’d be here all day talking about all the unique architecture and features, but here are a few of the fun highlights along with some pictures. Even if you are on the current athletics vs. academics bandwagon, it’s hard not to be amazed by Oregon’s newest complex.


Hatfield-Dowlin Complex, University of Oregon

1. The video screen- filled lobby boasts a lined wall of miniature football players showing the progression of Uniforms over the years. (This was my personal favorite feature). It also features a ring room that simulates the tunnel the players run through as it plays continuous crowd noise and music.


2. The coaches meeting rooms, called “Area 51” includes a large main conference room with state of the art walls that can be written on in a sleek fashion. The table was imported from a fancy German furniture company. The rug that it sits on cost over 30,000 and was hand-woven in Nepal.

Meeting Room

“Area 51” Coaches Meeting Room

3.The cafeteria is now big enough to allow for meals to be prepared in-house, rather than off-campus. The nutritionist explained how this would allow for a healthier diet because they could do more “farm-to-table” meal planning because their options were greater. They made sure to explain the players’ meals do come out of their stipends and are electronically tracked per NCAA regulations. If the players are in a hurry to get to class after practice, they can request “to go” meals be prepared in advance.


4.Every other team in the country will probably envy the Duck’s new weight room. The picture speaks for itself. What isn’t shown however is the world-class electronic track that does all sorts of fancy stuff, like tracking an athlete’s speed. weightroom3 5.The team auditorium is furnished with seats made from the same leather Ferrari uses. Workers from Ferrari were flown in to complete the job. UO Seats 6.No Duck locker room would be complete without a tribute to Uncle Phil. Uncle Phil An unexpected look at the Ducks’ top-secret Fall Camp: fall practice 2

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  1. I am excited to get the chance to see it! Will be the nicest in the nation and everyone will be chasing oregon again in the latest of the arms race. Very cool,

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