Bralon Addison Discusses Life On and Off the Field

Bralon Addison

gridirongirl talks with Wide Receiver, Bralon Addison. Photo Credit: Russ Long

 “You can build a relationship with Coach Helfrich and you just see the care. He makes it fun”.


Eugene, OR.   If you’re a fan of Oregon’s offense, you will want to know this name: Bralon Addison.

Addison, a sophomore Receiver from Missouri City, Texas, is poised for a break-out season.  After hearing his name mentioned several times during Spring Camp, by both players and coaches, I knew I needed to get him one on one. Not only is Addison talented on the field, but he was a class act to interview and a pleasure to meet. I recently sat down with him to chat about his life in Oregon, his family, Coach Helfrich, those that inspire him, hobbies, and of course. . . football.

gridirongirl: I’ve been hearing your name a lot and whenever I ask Marcus, or Coach Helfrich about who’s standing out on the receiver side of things, they mention you. Do you think you’re ready to be that go-to guy?

Bralon Addison: When it’s my turn I think I’ll be ready. And you know, I just try to go out there with all the guys and just compete against each other and make each other better at the same time. I think the big thing about this group is that we’re all close knit and one guy isn’t mad when the other guy’s getting all the shine. So you know we’ve got the older guys, they take care of the young guys, and a bunch of young guys, they listen to the older guys. So I think the big thing about this group is everyone listens to each other.

bralon Addison game

Bralon Addison Scores at Spring Game. Photo Credit: Russ Long

gridirongirl: There have been a lot of questions about Coach Helfrich and his differences from Chip Kelly, but what do you specifically like about Coach Helfrich?

Bralon Addison: I’ve been hearing that question a lot too- what are their differences and things. Every coach has their differences, but the one thing that’s the same about Coach Kelly and Coach Helfrich is they both want what’s best for all of their players and this team. They’re going to demand the best out of you. They’re both players’ coaches, but you know I think Coach Helfrich is like a different type of coach than Coach Kelly. He’s more laid back. He can kind of joke around with you a little bit and I think that’s good for us especially for the new guys coming in. You can build a relationship with Coach Helfrich and you just see the care. He makes it fun. He makes it fun.

gridirongirl: There’s a lot of curiosity about whether or not Coach Helfrich is tough enough. Do you see his more laid back approach as a strength? Or do you think the tough love approach was more effective?

Bralon Addison: You know, Coach Kelly did kind of the same thing. He was more of tough love-ish but at the same time, he was all about brotherhood and I think that’s the thing about this program. Everyone is one. Nobody can work without our teammates, so I think that’s kind of the culture of this program. We all go as “we”. If one man falls, we all fall; and if one man excels, we all excel. So I think no matter who the coach is here in the future or past, we’re all together.

gridirongirl: What do you like most about Oregon?

Bralon Addison: I love the weather. I didn’t even go home this summer because I was enjoying the weather. I think it got to 90 degrees one time so I enjoyed it.

gridirongirl: Even the rain?

Bralon Addison: Yeah. I like the rain. That was one of the things they warned me about during my visit here two years ago and I like it the rain. It helps me sleep better at night.

gridirongirl: Which teammate has most inspired you?

Bralon Addison: I would say Dustin Haines. His father died this past spring. He took a little bit of time off and came back and he’s been working like nothing ever happened. I’m a big family guy so you know I had some things happen in my family since I’ve been here and I just admire Dustin for what he’s been able to do; to come out and put it all behind him and move forward.

gridirongirl: Talking about family and friends. Who do you feel most helps you stay grounded?

Bralon Addison: I’d have to say my uncle. My uncle’s name is Charles and he’s kind of like my big brother, but he’s my uncle at the same time. We talk almost every day and gives me advice, helps keep me grounded and thinking about the family, thinking about my friends, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do in front of my mom and my grandmother. If I have to question if it’s right or wrong, it’s probably wrong. He helps keep me grounded and he just helps keep me going every day.

gridirongirl: Was he a football player?

Bralon Addison: No he was a basketball player actually.

gridirongirl: When you aren’t on the field, what we find you doing?

Bralon Addison: Playing video games. Everyone knows I’m a teenager. I just play video games. I don’t even party. The guys always tease me because when they all go out, I’m usually the one staying home playing video games. So, they kind of have to pull me off the video games.

gridirongirl: What else do you like to do besides playing video games?

Bralon Addison: I like to play basketball. I would play basketball all through high school so that’s still a love of mine. So when we have some down time, I’ll go to the Student Rec Center and play.

gridirongirl: Last question. What are you most looking forward to this season?

Bralon Addison: Just to see this team grow as a whole. To see everyone taking their game to the next level- especially all those guys who’ll be sophomores. We were all freshman together last year and already growing, ready to take our game to the next level. I’m just ready to see what’s in store for us as a team and see what we can get out of the season.

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