Finally! Cute NFL Gear

Ladies, if you love the NFL, we finally have some good fashion news for you! I know we all love to rock our favorite jersey once in while, but lets face it, all the pinning and tying to make it look cute and sexy gets a little old. Enter Meesh and Mia. With their new Stacy Keibler-sponsored NFL line, you can finally rep your team in style!

A few months ago, gridirongirl stumbled upon while preparing for our game day fashion section, and they quickly became one of our favorite collegiate apparel brands. Now, they’ve taken it a step forward by adding an entire line for the lady NFL fans everywhere…well almost everywhere. Currently, they only have 13 teams on the M&M roster, but we’re sure that’s expected to grow quickly, especially with the adorable Stacy Keibler on their side right?

We’ve taken a peek and several of the line’s pieces and it was honestly hard to pick a favorite. What we liked most is the simplicity of the pieces. Each logo is noticeable, but doesn’t overwhelm the piece. Let’s face it ladies, we love our teams, but we definitely don’t need to have a giant logo written across our girls. Meesh&Mia clearly gets this.

In addition to the simplicity, M&M offers, we also could help but get excited about all their use of stripes, ruffles, and BLING…all very hot right now!

We finally settled on a piece for our gridirongirl Pro-talker, Erica Anderson, probably the biggest Patriot Fan around. Because she’s kind of a “simple, sporty” gal, we opted to go for the adorable Patriot Red Pull-Over Sweater. Simply put: We love it.
It’s definitely comfortable and most importantly, noticeable. The bright color definitely make a statement that says “I’m a sexy-yet sporty-Patriot fan”! The sweater makes a great pairing with red or blue heals, along with a Patriot blue bracelet.

patriot sweater

In terms of sizing and pricing, we found the pull-over to be slightly larger than expected, but that wasn’t a bad thing. I mean who wants to feel constricted on game day? At $83, the piece was a bit pricey we felt in comparison to other deals you might score at other on-line stores, but certainly not in comparison to NFL apparel you’d find in the larger department stores. And, with M”&M, we have found you definitely get a unique and quality piece that is made in the U.S.A (always a bonus).

So, overall we were very pleased with our new M&M gear! If you’re lookin’ to ditch the Pinned up and Tied up Jersey look, at least for a game or two, make sure to check out M&M’s new NFL line!


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  1. Oh my gosh look how cute that is!! I can’t wait to wear it! Great Job Meesh & Mia!

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