Heart Attacks, Preseason, and (Not) So Funny Coworkers

This is a bit of a hodgepodge post, but you’ll love it! I think. I hope. Ok so if you don’t love it, gridirongirl nor I are liable for any emotional damage.

I nearly had a heart attack this last Wednesday when I got an alert on my phone that said something like “Brady leaves the field with trainer after knee injury”. WHAT?!? Brady hurt his knee?!? Ok so it ended up being a no-nissue after he went 11 for 12 for 107 yards in last night’s preseason game against the Bucs, but initially I think every Pat fan had a heart attack. You have to understand that the game against the Chiefs in 2008 is still very fresh in our minds. A cheap shot by He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named (Not Voldemort either) ended Brady’s entire season and cast fear in the hearts of all Pats Nation. So Wednesday’s alert was heart attack inducing, but I survived and Brady is looking better than ever. Mini-crisis averted!

Moving on….

Do any of you wonder what the preseason is all about? Do you wonder why the starters or the good players only play a couple of series and then the backups come in? Have no fear! I have your answers. The preseason is a way to not only get the starters back into the groove of playing, but it’s also an audition of sorts for the rookies and new signees. The veterans need to be careful not to get too complacent in their jobs because a younger, healthier, and hungrier player is right behind them gunning for their job. Preseason is also a good way to work out the kinks with new additions to the team. For instance, take the Patriots’ new WR Danny Amendola (yes I really did go there). He’s obviously going to make the team as is Brady (duh right?), but he and Brady haven’t had any game experience together. They’ve only been practicing, so it’s good for them to work on their tempo, timing, and chemistry in games that don’t count as much as the regular season.

It’s also a good way for coaches to see how their draft picks are going to fit into their schemes and how they’ll gel on the field. The thing is, when the roster is paired down to 53 guys, you want to make sure that you made a lasting impression on the coaches so when it comes to cutting guys, they DON’T think of your name. That’s what the preseason is all about. So, those rookies not taking these games seriously or the new additions thinking preseason is just a fun time exhibition game, probably won’t be included in the 53-man roster. It’s serious and to be taken seriously. Making mistakes is not an option. Not if you want a job anyway. Adds a little more pressure to those games, huh?

Finally, my (not) so funny coworkers. I work at Starbucks and I love it. I work with a great bunch of people, but unfortunately (except for “Becky”) they aren’t football fans. I know right?!? There MUST be something wrong in the air there that Beck and I are immune to. It’s a great big joke around our store how crazy I am about football. So ya I talk about it a lot and I (sometimes) call the customers out when they wear gear of a team I don’t like, that’s pretty normal right? I’m pretending you said yes. So yesterday, one of my coworkers, *cough* Brian *cough*, was trying to come up with a code name for me. He started picking football players and teams I hate!! He knows I hate them and he knows I’m seriously close to shanking him with a green straw. Lucky for him this did not end in his death, but an EPIC code name for him. It’s EPIC because he hates it and now I have ammunition. I think I can kiss the yucky code names goodbye because next time *cough* Brian *cough* calls me something I don’t like, all he’ll hear is “Xbox Lover”. Oh yes I did! I went there. He hates the Xbox and don’t get him started on why, unless you need a nap. Then you can ask.

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