Preparation for the Valley: Georgia Bulldogs Season Ahead

The waiting game is almost over. Can you believe it Georgia fans?

I can’t.

I don’t know what I’m more excited for, the season to start or my brother to invite me with one of his season tickets. A girl can dream, right?

All the pre-season rituals have been complete and the camps have wrapped up. The only thing left to do in whine down the clock and travel to Death Valley.

To the delight of Georgia and Clemson fans alike, ESPN has chosen Death Valley for College Game Day.

The most daunting question on every Georgia’s fan mind is, “Can the defense hold their own ground?” Georgia is stacked with a seasoned offensive leading with quarterback, Aaron Murray and exceptional backs in Keith Marshall and Todd Gurley.

Huge names are on the offensive side of the ball. But what will happen in Death Valley when the Clemson Tigers get their turn on offensive? Will the young line be able  to defend the line and live up to the previous Bulldog line? Todd Grantham, defensive coordination for the Bulldogs, worked with the new defenders to ensue that their abilities were constantly improving at every practice.

Practice makes perfect, right? Let’s hope it pays off.

Before any player steps on the field in Death Valley, Mark Richt and the Bulldogs still have one more game-like scrimmage to complete on Aug 22. After all the kicking and screaming is done Richt and fellow Georgia coaches will choose the line-up for Aug. 31 battle in Death Valley.

The benefit of the live pre-season scrimmages game is they allow for the player and coaching staff to witness real-in-game situation that could come up against Clemson. Also, who wouldn’t want one last chance to snag some playing time? Players had another opportunity to drive their way to the front of the line to show coaches they were ready for the BIG SHOW.

Come on now! Who would not want to push and give everything they got to play in the season opener? With a mix of season veteran, new recruits and dealing with a 13-player on the injured list and missing Josh Harvey-Clemons- due to suspension from the season opener- the remaining players will need to put forth their best effort to start off strong.

It is a must!

Hopes are high for the Bulldog Nation coming off a SEC East Division Title and a 5-yard shy defeat by the Crimson Tide. It’s a big year for Georgia but the first two games could keep their season hopes alive of retire them before the temperature drops below 90.

First game are always nerve racking. It will be a battle between No. 5 ranked Georgia and No. 8 Clemson. Both teams will face off in the prime time match up at 8:00 PM.

But the wait is short and the season is upon us. Dawn your red and black Georgia faithful, for this is the beginning of an amazing football season.

Glory Glory to Ole’ Georgia.

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