Top 5 Player Quotes From Notre Dame’s Media Day

Notre Dame finally had their media day! I was so jealous during the SEC and PAC 12 media days becaust there was a big production made out of them and I had to wait for Notre Dame’s turn (in case you don’t know, I’m horrible at waiting).

In case you missed it, there wasn’t a big production made out of it (unlike SEC media day), but that’s mostly because we’re the red-headed stepchild of the NCAA football world. At This year’s media day, we got to hear a lot from the players and it was nice to get a feel for how the players are feeling and how comfortable they are with where the team is at.

So without further ado, here are the top 5 player quotes from Notre Dame’s media day!

Chris Watt * Offensive Guard

On not getting the attention that other positions receive …

“Yeah, we don’t really care that much. We know that if we’re focused going into games and we do our job that the team is going to do well. At the end of the day Coach Hiestand reiterates that it’s all about Notre Dame and helping Notre Dame win. And if we’re on our guys doing our job every play, playing physical and playing tough, it doesn’t matter the recognition that we get because it will all take care of itself.”

Dan Fox * Linebacker

On defensive pride carrying over from last season that no one could score …

“I think our mentality would carry over more than anything. The mentality that we don’t want anybody to score on us is something that we take pride in. We hold it close to us.”

Matthias Farley * Safety

On describing team in one word …

“Blue collar. There is no hype-man. There are a lot of guys with great personalities. Not much needs to be said as a whole. Everyone knows what the expectations are and they know what they have to do to insure that my game as well as everyone else’s game is at the highest level that it should be.”

Carlo Calabrese * Linebacker

On forgetting last year’s accomplishments and starting the climb again …

“We left last year in the past. We are focusing on this year and focusing on today. It was not hard for me to flush out last year. I left it in the past and we are focusing on this year and this team.”

Tommy Rees * Quarterback

On how getting in shape will help …

“Now when plays need to be made and things don’t go perfectly I can create something by getting outside of the pocket, which are things I couldn’t do a couple of years ago.”

All of these quotes show a maturity in the players that is exciting and encouraging. Their minds are in a place that will foster winning and learning from mistakes and losses.

Notre Dame is under a microscope this year. People are watching, waiting, and hoping for them to fail. But, here’s the thing Notre Dame fans: losing isn’t failing. Wait! What?!? It’s true though! Some would say it is and I guess in the classical sense of failure, losing is failing. But failure, in my opinion, goes beyond losing a game.

Failure would be these kids not trying their hardest.

Failure would be Coach Kelly and the rest of the staff not trying to instill in these kids life lessons that will carry them through hard times in life.

Failure would be quitting.

Failure is quite simply a lack of courage or conviction to do the hard things in life (and football).

I have a feeling, my dear readers, that is not what is happening at Notre Dame. So even if we lose every game this season, we have not failed. We’ve just discovered some ways on how not to do things. I’m not worried and hopefully you aren’t either.

Thanks for reading! Tune in on Saturday August 31 on NBC at 3:30 ET for ND vs. Temple.

Go Irish!

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