What We Learned From NFL Preseason Week 3

The Lions are still a bunch of cheap shotters and the Patriots need to hold on to the ball better.

The Seahawks can beat Green Bay without a Fail Mary.

The Bears can beat a team (the Raiders) that everyone else can beat too.

The Panthers can beat a team (the Ravens) that had a fire sale on their team in the offseason.

The Bills’ QB has taken one too many hits to the head and might be done forever.

NY teams aren’t showing us anything special and keeping your QB in until midway through the 4th qtr in preseason is dangerous (surprise surprise Jets!). Oh and Geno Smith is struggling (surprise surprise Jets!).

The Steelers are looking to lose all of their preseason games.

The Bucs and the Dolphins suck equally as bad.

Christian Ponder shouldn’t be a starting QB (that’s not new, still just a fact).

J.J. Watt is still an impressive man on and off the field.

The Rams are also looking for a completely defeated preseason.

Andy Dalton needs new receivers and a better O Line.

The Eagles can beat a team (the Jaguars) that was the 2nd worst team in the NFL last year (maybe this year too).

Philip Rivers hasn’t thrown a TD pass in preseason yet.

The Falcons want to join the Steelers and Rams’ preseason-losing club.

And finally…it’s preseason so these losses don’t really count. That’s a good thing for teams that are sucking it up early. Hopefully they can get it together for week 1.

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  1. I want to see a post like this every week! This cracked me up!!

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