Miss State Game Day Style Focus

What will you wear on game day?? If you say, oh, prob just a tshirt and shorts, and flip flops. This is for you.
Southern girls love to dress up for every occasion. Football is no exception. We like to see and be seen. We like to turn heads; Get a second glance. We like to make other girls jealous. Yes, indeed.

Chevron is very popular. A chevron print dress in a lightweight, breathable fabric, such as cotton or linen, in maroon and white, with a black belt and ballet flat is an easy choice. Dress it up with a chunky necklace and bangles.

For shorts, go bold. Go for maroon, paired with a silver shimmer top, and a black scarf. Go wild with an animal print belt. Pair with wood-sole wedges that flatter your skin tone. One could also look tres chic in a pair of silver sateen shorts, paired with a loose fitting maroon tank and black infinity scarf.

Of course, we love our monograms, just keep it to handbags and accessories (i.e. gold necklaces) for the ladies. Children will look adorable with their initials monogrammed on the chest area, or the bottom corner of their dresses.

How to dress a man: khaki shorts never go out of style. Just make sure you have a modern cut (NO PLEATS) and they are wrinkle free. A button down Polo in maroon is always a safe bet, but he may end up blending in with all the other guys on the grounds. Men have to feel comfortable in the midst of their cohorts, so don’t force him to wear something he’s not comfortable with (or you’ll end up being miserable too, having to listen to the griping all day). Brooks Brothers makes a wonderful long sleeve button down in maroon/white checker. I’m in love with their men’s department. Brooks Brothers clothing really do make a man look gooood. ;). An Oxford-type shoe would look amazing with this.

If you choose to wear a college T-shirt, pair it with cute denim short shorts, and a cute cowgirl hat. A T-shirt, paired with a cute short skirt and cowboy boots would also be adorable. Note: a cowgirl hat AND boots worn at the same time is a little overboard. It’s a football game, not a rodeo.

Whatever you consider wearing on game day, remember to wear your sunscreen, ladies! You won’t be having much fun with blistered shoulders… Just saying.

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