Stand By Your Men

Those of you who follow me on Twitter and Instagram already know that I was NOT in Atlanta this weekend. Instead, I was in Eugene, Oregon covering the University of Oregon Ducks game for gridiriongirl (More on that to come later). So, it wasn’t until today that I was able to watch the Alabama game in its entirety.  I do not like to blog until I have seen every play, so that is why you aren’t getting the recap until now.

I took to Twitter to follow the Bama game as much as possible while I was in the Oregon press box.  Needless to say, I was getting pretty darn upset.  Tweets from fans, reporters and friends were freaking me out.  The O line had basically fallen asleep at the wheel.  WHAT IS GOING ON?  Let me explain.

You may remember my post about the new guys on the offensive line, but again, I still wasn’t too worried.  I knew that was going to be the sore spot on the team this year, due to 3 guys from the O line going away to the NFL.  However, there aren’t ANY new faces; all these guys have had some playing time.  So, I wasn’t too surprised when the tweets were coming through about them. “It’s okay, they got this” I said.  I was so upset for a while I had to compose myself and get back to the task at hand…but what was going on in Atlanta? I wondered.  So today, as I am watching the game for myself, I’ve come to one conclusion:  Alabama fans are spoiled.

Did I see some cracks develop in the Offensive Line?  Yes.  Did I see our QB throw his first interception of the season?  Yes.  But what else did I see?  I saw an ON POINT special teams and defense.  People were complaining that the offense only scored one touchdown.  The defense scored a touchdown and the special teams scored two, thanks to Christion Jones.  Um, where have these people been?  Alabama’s defense and special teams ALWAYS put points on the board.  Frankly I don’t care who puts the points on the board, as long as they do it and win!  And that is exactly what the Alabama football team did.  They were a team, they worked together and they won.

After watching the game today for myself, I am not worried.  I am not even upset.  If anyone can look at problems and fix them, it’s Coach Saban.  Alabama’s fans are spoiled to perfection.  It’s the first game of the season, of course there are going to be things to work on!  Come on!  Practice makes perfect and trust me, with the bye week upon us they will not even realize it because Coach will have them practicing, reviewing film and prepping them for Texas A&M.

What were Coach Saban’s closing thoughts at the end of the game?  “Every part of our team needs to get better.”  Amen.  He is a smart guy, he will fix the problems, he will make it right, I have no doubts.

My point is:  LADIES, STAND BY YOUR MEN.  No one is promised a National Championship, an SEC Championship or even the next win.  They are your team, stick with them, stand by them and be proud.  They are a great group of men; the players and the coaches alike.  They will do everything in their power to make you proud.  You think these guys aren’t over analyzing and beating themselves up over every misstep?  They are, so you don’t have to. So stop beating them up and let’s get on to pumping them up for Texas A&M!!!  Because if they don’t make little Johnny run crying to Mama afterwards, I may just have to do it myself!

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But most importantly, ROLL TIDE!

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