gridirongirl Gives Back

The 3rd annual gridirongirl team up with former Oregon Duck, Kenny Wheaton for Football 101 “A Girly Guide to the Game” was a big success. Oregon’s gridirongirl, Nichole Brown was joined by gridirongirl writers, Tracie Marcum (Alabama), Erica Anderson (Notre Dame and Pro Talk), Becky May (Texas) and Brenda Coleman (Oregon State) to educate and inspire ladies to enjoy the game!

After a night of food, games and some football basics, attendees were graced with a surprise appearance by the Ducks’ legendary running back’s coach, Gary Campbell who has helped shape some of the NFL’s newest stars. Think Johnathan Stewart and Lamichael James.

Fun was had by all and thanks to those who attended, many children will receive a merry Christmas, courtesy of the Kenny Wheaton Foundation. What could be better than celebrating the greatest game on earth, all while raising money for a good cause? Thank You to all who made it possible and a special thank you to: Red Lion Hotel, Track Town Pizza, New Reign, Maskot, Kenny Wheaton, Damon Griffin and of course, Coach Gary Campbell.


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