New Mexico Recap & OSU Prediction

Coach Coker, at last week’s Rowdy Talk, discussed the UTSA versus OSU game.  He is cautiously optimistic, saying he “is treating this week as a bowl game scenario”.  The players should enjoy the experience of having a ranked team play them in the Alamodome.  This week, Coker’s defense is stepping up their intensity, and making sure their offense is consistent from the start, in early morning practices.

I went to the Mississippi State versus OSU game this past weekend in Houston.  I was so excited about going, not only to see the Bulldogs play, but also to see how OSU will play against two very different teams.  With the outcome obviously being a win for the orange and a loss for the maroon, and OSU is feeling confident.  This weekend, the Cowboys have to travel to Texas, again.  Considering that they gave back their allotment of tickets, they will not have nearly as many fans cheering in the Dome.

The New Mexico game showed a lot of strength and weaknesses for UTSA.  They started very slow, gave up 2 touchdowns, the first of which was off a fumble.  However, once they got in the zone, (after the half) they were beautiful! OSU likes to go hard, fast and early, and it really wears the other team out.  If UTSA can show them their true talent, be faster to get in the groove, and not have any dropped passes, I honestly think we can have an upset.  Every poll has us down by at least 25 points.  Understandable however, because no one knows who we are, yet.  Everyone that is a fan of UTSA knows the heart, and talent, and unrelenting ambition that is in these players.  They have a wonderful coaching staff; Coker, Roark, Brown and Eliano, to name a few, have built this team to be top notch.  In 2011, the coaches and staff knew the UTSA football team would be bigger than the Southland Conference.  Now, they’ve trained hard, and are playing the best team yet.

With UTSA playing on their home turf, the fans bringing energy and great vibes, we can do this!  A victory is not out of the question.  For those who think it is, just remember that you CAN “go the 99 yards” for a touchdown.

**On an end note, be prepared for insanely loud gunshots from their mascot, Pistol Pete.  He’ll fire a shot when the team runs onto the field, and every time they score.  It’s loud and shocking, especially when it is not expected.  Be prepared! I’m sure it’ll echo tremendously in the Dome. **

If you can’t make it to the game, watch it on TV, nationally broadcaste on Fox Sports1 at 11am central. GO ‘RUNNERS!

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