Week 2: Mullen Press Conference and Injury Update

Leading up to Mississippi State’s season opener against Oklahoma State University, Coach Mullen gave a press conference, describing his feelings and expectations for the game:

Mullen stated, “The opportunity to play in this game is special. It’s more special when you win, but every game is that way. It’s an honor to be invited to play in this type of game and it shows where our program has come to be thought of.”

What was Mullen’s take on the OSU’s defense? “They have some very talented players in the secondary and they have some defensive linemen with explosiveness. … They have guys that have played a lot of football coming back. … They don’t give up a lot of big plays. They’re very assignment sound. They’re good tacklers. They really force you to earn every yard.”

Now that the game is over, resulting in a 21-3 loss for the Bulldogs, Coach Mullen gave a press conference with injury updates on QB Tyler Russell and DB Jay Hughes:

“I’d say Tyler is going to be doubtful for this week. We’ll see at the end of the week, just the concussion from that game. We don’t expect him to practice this week, if he might be cleared for the game we’ll make that decision if he is cleared for the game whether he plays. Jay Hughes has a torn Achilles, he’s going to have surgery and he’s going to be out for the whole year. Which is a huge loss for us, not just as a great player but as one of the top leaders on our team and really to me a face of the program-type guy. Maybe not in popularity cultures but there’s somebody you want to put up that really is what our program is all about, is Jay Hughes. So that’s a huge loss for us.”

With Russell out for the game, backup QB Dak Prescott stepped in and threw some amazing passes. Unfortunately, the MSU offense fell short, and completed passes were less than 50%. It’ll be interesting to watch his style of play be carried out in this week’s home game against Alcorn State. Prescott brings a different, maybe somewhat bigger presence and energy to the field. He is a sophomore, whereas Russell is a 5th year senior. He has a lot to prove, and is ready to show off his skills, it seems. We certainly wish him luck!

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