Big Game Ahead: All Aboard to Athens

The component I find so attractive about this match-up minus the athletism and rivalry: Passion.  For years, fans have disregard the South Carolina and Georgia game as a second thought. My, how things have change in a few short years.

It’s everything.  It’s the key to the SEC East.

The passion behind the Gamecocks springs from their fearless leader, Spurrier. His unrelenting passion for Georgia is engrained in his player. If a coach is passionate, then he will inspire his players to be the same way.

If you really want to understand the history behind the passion, take a look at this.

But back to the game at hand.

Whats on the Line

This will be the first game back in Sanford Stadium and the first Southeastern Conference game for the Bulldawgs.

The Gamecocks are one of the strongest competitors in the SEC East and they have given Georgia problems for the last three years. Will Saturday make the fourth?

This game will be the difference in Georgia, starting off the the season being 0-2, having their first conference loss, and their first home defeat. This game means everything. With so much pressure riding on Saturday, I’m hopeful the entire team has review tapes, analyzed what went wrong last week and knows what cannot go wrong once Spurrier gets to Athens.

Arron Murray hasn’t had a win over South Carolina during his time at Georgia. This game will set the tempo for SEC play and even more, so it could predict Georgia’s fate in making another run at a  division, conference and national title game.

What Needs to Happen

Murray must play better to be competitive this week.  Murray will have to play tight  and not allow for turnover. His accuracy will also need to be on point. Murray performed well against Clemson, but “well” didn’t bring home a win to Athens. He must play great against the Gamecocks. No questions.

The Bulldogs will have the advantage of being back on red&black soil and having the Georgia faithful in their corner as they take on Spurrier and his Gamecocks.  It will be the first time back on Sanford Stadium.

The fans will be there to support their Dawgs, but Georgia will need to reflect on the Clemson defeat and make adjustments to handle the Gamecocks.

This game will be a huge undertaking for Murray. He will have his last opportunity to take down South Carolina and put his team in the win column in the conference. Clemson was a tough team but luckily not a conference opponent. This week is another beast entirely.

Speaking of a beast, everyone has seen him and heard “The Hit” and listen to all they hype.  Jadeveon Clowney will be ready to stop Murray and the offense from moving the ball down field. Georgia defenders will need to keep tight tabs on Clowney to protect the ball and allow Murray to get the ball off.

Kenarious Gates was  responsible for the left side tackle against Clemson and will continue his duties on the line, accord to Richt.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed it was a first game fluke and he will be  prepared. Ready or not, he’s got to protect the ball.

After the sideline of  Malcolm Mitchell for the season and the on-going suspension of kicker Morgan Mitchell, Georiga will be relying on some new faces that found their colors last week against Clemson.

Between the passion and play calling this week Saturday is bound to be a show in Sanford.

As I said last week and will say again,

Hunker down you dirty Dawgs.





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