It's Going To Be A Long Season

I know I promised to be back on Monday to discuss our “easy” win over William & Mary, but I forgot Monday was Labor Day and I had big plans to eat grilled dead animals and not work.

The Win That Was Not Easy

So the first thing I was wrong about happened immediately when Paul Millard, not Clint Trickett as I had predicted, took the field as the starting QB for WVU. I was still in my happy place, though, because Millard was doing a pretty good job and we scored a TD right away. Woo hoo! This was going to be a piece of cake. But then, strange things started occurring.

First, WVU attempted a 53 yard field goal. Seriously, who does that? To the surprise of no one, it was unsuccessful and gave The Tribe great field position. Then our defense did their thing. And by their thing, I mean failed on important aspects of defense like “coverage” and “reading the ball”. Which I guess isn’t strange because it’s the exact same thing they did last season.

Long story short, by halftime the score was 17-7 in favor of William & Mary and I was checking Upset Alert to see if we were on it yet. My daughter was pointing at the TV and saying, “no more football!” and I was feeling her pain. My husband the programmer set up an extra monitor in our dining room and with a magic spell called “Roku” made The Wiggles come out of the monitor. We settled into watch the second half to the dulcet sounds of Big Red Car and Rockabye Your Bear.

Apparently some spankings, verbal or otherwise, were dished out in the locker room, because a different team took the field in the second half. We scored a field goal and two TD’s while keeping The Tribe from scoring any more points.

Nevertheless, problems remain and will plague WVU the rest of the season if some changes aren’t made:

  • WVU’s run-pass ratio was 44-27 (which Coach Holgorsen himself admitted was “embarrassing”). For the most part, the runs were short runs. Generally speaking, this means their defense was covering us quite well and shutting down pass attempts and long runs. I hope our defense was taking notes on how this is done. Having a ground game is a good thing, don’t get me wrong, but we need to up our passing game if we’re going to compete in the Big 12.
  • Ah, the defense. Where to start? Nowhere because it makes me CATHYHULKSMASH mad that I’ve had to talk about failures on defense in every single %&*ing post I’ve written. From now on, we will simply call it The Problem That Shall Not Be Named.

Up next: Oklahoma

I hope you’re sitting down, friends, because I’m afraid I have some bad news. We’re probably going to lose this week. Oklahoma is a conference opponent, they’re ranked (#16), and we play them in their house. However. We might possibly, just maybe, eke out a win if the stars align in some of the following ways:

  • Oklahoma’s QB, Trevor Knight, had a pretty solid game last week, although his passing game was almost nonexistent. Unless he was passing to WR Jalen Saunders, in which case those passes were caught and run into the end zone. We need to stop that from happening. Which brings me to The Problem That Shall Not Be Named. *sigh* Help us, Will Clarke. You’re our only hope.
  • Teams with good running games tend to do well against Oklahoma. We have that, and we have RB Charles Sims. Paul Millard is good QB and he’s familiar with our uptempo, no-huddle offense. I would even go so far as to say Millard is a better QB than Knight. At the very least, he is more experienced. This should all work in our favor.
  • We almost beat them last year. This might seem silly to bring up, since last year we played them at home and with Smith, Austin, and Bailey still around. But… we know what it takes to win against Oklahoma. Whether we can do anything with that knowledge remains to be seen.

I’ll see you Saturday at 7 pm, friends. I’m planning to do some tweeting during the game, unless I’m too busy crying into my alcoholic beverage of choice.

Let’s Go………. Mountaineers!


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