Leprechauns, Owls, and Wolverines

Hello Irish fans!! Nice game last week right? I have a confession to make. I didn’t see the game. I know, I know it’s a tragedy. I have a great reason though! I was in Oregon on official gridirongirl business. That’s whole other post, but I will tell you this: I had a blast!

OK, so back to the Irish beating the stuffing out of the Owls. I was impressed with T. Rees, who last week did not earn my nickname for him. He had no interceptions! Go Rees!! He passed for 346 yards and 3 TD! Keep that up Rees and I’ll permanently hang up IK. I felt ND could have beat Temple a lot worse than 28-6, but I’m thinking Kelly wasn’t as concerned with the score as he was with the guys getting a feel for the game and schemes. Unfortunately, the low score didn’t allow us to move up in the Idiot Polls (that’s a whole other ranting post!). We stayed at 14 though, so at least we didn’t move down.

I know I didn’t write a lot about last week’s game, but I want to focus more on the challenge of tonight’s game against #17 Michigan.

In my somewhat expert opinion (that sounds good, we’ll go with that), I don’t think Kelly can afford to be conservative in this game. It isn’t like Temple where you’re relatively sure you’ll be controlling the tempo of the entire game. If Michigan gets up, they could stay up. It’s important for Notre Dame to control the clock well, avoid turnovers, and get up big. There is no such thing as running up the score. They need to score every chance they get.

Hopefully if Notre Dame beats Michigan, we’ll actually move up in the Idiot Polls next week. We can hope right? Let’s also hope the schools above us lose, that way we have a better chance of being ranked higher.

I actually get to watch the game tonight, which I’m totally stoked about! I’m excited to really assess how Rees looks and to get a feel for how the Irish are performing.

Hopefully you’re all able to watch too. Watch for my post game assessment, it’ll be EPIC!

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