The Crying Game

Well, that escalated quickly. Breeze into lovely Provo full of hope, riding the polls at #15, coming off a convincing win. Just like the storm that suddenly surged in to cause a long weather delay, Texas was embarrassed by a well-prepared BYU, dumped out of the polls, and plunged into coaching chaos.

I do not lay this or any other loss at the feet of the players. My support of the team is unwavering.

Make no mistake, ‘Horns fans: the coaches are to blame. Yes, the players are the ones executing on the field, but responsibility flows uphill. The coaching staff is responsible for preparing those players to execute at their positions, successfully, and win games. This staff is not doing its job. Yes, I include Mack Brown in that assessment.

I want you all to stand up, raise your arm, point a finger toward the campus and shout, “J’accuse!” Because people, Texas will be mediocre and continue to waste talent until every coach on the payroll is replaced.

Every. Single. One.

I read from various sources today that Diaz is out. That’s a good start, but even a positive change brings its own kind of chaos with it. This week I’m not even mad the game is on LHN, which I can’t get. I’m Not sure I can handle another performance like the one I just saw.

I think we all know the stats, along with the ugly and lopsided 40-21 losing score. I don’t have the strength to recite anything more to you.

There are no excuses for the performance Texas put on. Forget altitude, forget fired-up home crowd aligned against you, forget road game, forget “rebuilding year.” The failure of this team to produce, year after year, the failure to continue recruiting or even use the talent it has, lies squarely on the shoulders of the coaches. All of them.

What did we see Saturday night? Juco level playing at almost every position. The offensive line was made of Swiss cheese. There was no blocking. The offense kept running the same plays over and over, without success. There were no lanes up the middle, yet down after down, the coaches sent our world-class running backs into a wall of blue uniforms.

Daje Johnson was out after the first series with an injured ankle. Johnathan Gray could never get a foothold, though he showed some flashes of what he can do when his teammates are doing their jobs and giving him some open field to lope in.

Ash was confused. Couldn’t rush. Tried to get some tempo, regain control, but never could. The offense was disjointed, disoriented, and outplayed at every position.

The defense showed a little improvement…for a hot minute. Then it was back to the Manny Diaz defense we’ve grown to know and dread. Missed tackles times infinity. It’s like every BYU player was coated in butter, the way they slipped tackle after tackle and piled up the yards. Wow, how great it must have felt to knock off a nationally ranked football powerhouse after a disappointing loss on the road the week before.

The defense allowed the most yards in school history. SCHOOL HISTORY. Chew on that awhile.

Yeah, super glad the ‘Horns could help the Coogs break some school records, both theirs and ours. This loss also snapped the ‘Horns’ 13-game win streak against non-conference opponents. Well done, coaching staff!

We’re in for a long season, folks. Just like last year. Who’s tired of repeating the same mistakes over and over? Show of hands? Yes, I thought so.

Go back to the drawing board, coaches, and teach these players the fundamentals of football the way they deserve to be taught. Let their talent shine. Or go.

Until next time, ‘Hook em.

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