Gamecocks Football, No Pain No Gain

After that horrible upset to UGA on Saturday, the gamecocks are not stopping or lagging behind! The gamecocks are ready to take on Vandy on Saturday and are coming to gain a win. Conner Shaw is definitely going to be the one to watch- he led the gamecock offense against UGA this past weekend. He is one of only two players in school history to pass more than 3,000 yards and rush over 1,000 yards. Shaw is being considered a dual threat in the SEC as the gamecocks quarter back. Even though they lost 41-30 and dropped in the AP Top 25 from 6 to 13, it doesn’t mean that these gamecocks aren’t going to come back fighting even harder.

I’m also pretty sure that every gamecock fan is ready to see what Jadeveon Clowney is going to bring this Saturday. After Saturday’s game, he was asked by USA Today, what he’s suppose to do if teams try to neutralize him. “That’s up to the coaches,” Clowney said. “They want to move me around, that’s up to them. But I am just going to keep playing my assignment. I set the edge most of the night. I set the edge. The ball went away from me on the backside, chasing, so you know, that’s just how the game went tonight.”

It’s definitely going to be an intense weekend in William Brice stadium for the gamecocks to gain back everything lost from a horrible upset at UGA. But as every athlete in histrory knows, no pain no gain!!


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