The Best Revenge is Success

So this is the week we have all been waiting for…the rematch with Texas A&M.  They say the best revenge is success.  I think winning a National Championship is about as much success as one could have in the college football world.  However, you know our players, coaches and even fans want to see the real revenge take place on the football field Saturday.

I will say I don’t feel near as nervous about this game this year as I did last year.  I think my feeling last year was more ominous, and unfortunately it was dead on.  I would think even if you are not a Bama fan, you would want to watch this game because it is going to be EPIC.  This game will be everything a college football game should be; blood, sweat, tears, heavy hitting, turn overs and heaven only knows what else!

Coach Saban held a news conference yesterday and had nothing but nice things to say about Johnny Manziel and what a great athlete he is…I guess I am not as smart or classy as Coach because I cannot be that nice.  Mama always said if you didn’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.  So I guess I won’t be saying anything at all about Johnny.

The thing Coach said that stood out to me was that everyone has their own responsibilities and assignments and they need to stick with those and not get distracted.  I hope and pray our players listen to that and get in their zone.  Playing in College Station is not going to be easy for anyone, especially with the whole Johnny Manziel debacle going on.  Sounds like Coach Saban is hoping that Senior Linebacker C.J. Mosley will handle business and keep tabs on little Johnny so the rest of the team can execute plays and win.

Saban’s thoughts on playing in College Station:  “It’s a difficult place to play, it will require special discipline and focus on our players’ part.” 

It’s true, and I feel if the players take that little nugget of good advice, they will have no problems running all over A&M’s not-so-stellar defense.  Junior Defensive Back Ha Ha Clinton-Dix says the big thing this week is for everyone to do their job and focus on what they have to do.

Everyone has been so worried about the O- line, so for those ‘special few’ here is what Senior Anthony Steen has to say:  “We just have to stay focused…and communicate with each other better.”  In my opinion, that is all they really need.

It sounds like the whole team is on the same page and I think they got this.  Go in, focus, communicate and do your job.  That, I hope, is all it takes!

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But most importantly, ROLL TIDE!


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