Tie Die vs. Cashmere

I know we’re all looking forward to this week’s Oregon vs. Tennessee game so the “Can Oregon beat and SEC team argument can be over” but there’s one other spectacle you won’t want to miss- SEC fashion at Autzen. I’ll get to the game (and Mariota) later this week, but I just got all excited thinking about the fashion battle that’s about to begin.

If you’ve never been to a bowl game where Oregon faced an SEC opponent, you’ve likely never witnessed the craziness that is SEC game day fashion. I’m telling you, it ain’t no joke. We’re talking dresses, heels, pearls, scarves, bow ties, dress shirts, ruffles and cashmere. Yes ma’am, Cashmere. And let’s not forget the bling. The more, the merrier. I’m sad to say Duck fans, we’re definitely going to be out-dressed this Saturday. It’s OK though, we all know football isn’t a fashion show. It’s serious business. So go ahead. Wear your tie-die and pony-tails proudly. It’s the game that matters, especially when you’re sitting atop the college football rankings.

To all you Vols out there, I will say this (all in good fun, I promise):  I hope you sweat like a pig in your cashmere sweater, break a heel walking along MLK Blvd and drop a glob of nacho cheddar cheese on your orange and white chevron-print dress.  Then and only then, you will be jealous of all of us Duck fans being all comfy in our jeans, t-shirts, jersey’s, baseball hats and Nikes. Always Nikes.

Go Ducks!

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