Up Tempo Dawgs

Athens erupted  after Georgia’s victory over South Carolina on Saturday 41-30.

This day has been long coming for the Bulldawg Nation. After waiting three years to have a victory over Spurrier, Arron Murray and the Bulldogs proved themselves to still be vicious contenders for the SEC East title

Saturday’s match up was explosive.  The energy was high and the tempo of the plays were coming in hot.  The Bulldogs’ offense kept South Carolina in a daze when they constantly changed up the play clock counts. Murray did exactly what he knew he had to in order to win.

The Dawgs proved  ready to take on the Gamecocks. Spurrier and his boys were able to silence the crowd for a mild minute when they put up a field goal early in the first quarter.

Murray was ready to take on the play pocket, the snap count and even Clowney. He had mentally prepared himself for this moment. He lit the match that ignited Athens when he connected with Author Lynch in the end zone to put the Dawgs on top.

If the fans at Sanford and Dawgs fans alike weren’t already yelling GO DAWGS, the special teams on-side kick recovery kept it going.

The special teams gutsy move profited the Dawgs another three-point as Beless out on through the uprights. 10-3 Dawgs.

Murray connected for the second time of the day, this time with Keith Marshal, extending the lead for the Dawg to 17-3

South Carolina scored twice within two-minutes evening the game 17-17. This was the game as fans we prepared ourselves for. A close, heated battle between two of the best teams in the SEC East.

Mixing run and pass game has been Georgia’s golden ticket. Their constant tempo change had kept USC defense on their toes.

Todd Gurley pushed the ball into the end zone leaving 1:47  on the clock with a touchdown lead. 24-17

Unfortunately,  South Carolina’s quarterback, Connor Shaw, was not going to let Murray have all the glory of the half,  after picking up multiple first-downs on his own, he connected with Nick Jones for dead locked 24-24 half .

Georgia returned to the field to a slow start beginning of the 3rd quarter.  The Dawgs got lucky on a close fumble call off USC QB Shaw. After the turn over, the Dawgs benefited and Beless added another three-points taking advantage over South Carolina.

Murray  then went big again with an 8-yard touchdown pass to Gurley.  34-with 0:18 in the third quarter.

The Gamecock answered back in the fourth reaching the end zone, but missing the uprights, leaving the  USC still short, 34-30

This game was full of surprises. Extra points are almost always guaranteed, Clowney was almost always guaranteed to drill Murray, and Murray was always guarnteerd to come up short. My I love a good surprise.

Murray was able send the football souring for an  85- yd touchdown pass to Justin Scott-Welsey increasing the Dawgs lead 41-30. Murray has shown much more promise than last week against Clemson. The quick tempo, smart scramble thinking and down and long completions have shaped this rivalry match up.

Spurrier’s desire to keep his record intact made a risky 4th and goal call with the ball on the one-yard line and time left in the fourth. The Georgia defensive line proved their determination by stopping the run and leaving Carolina cold in their tracks and the Dawgs on top by 11 points with under 10-minutes.

And as for Clowney, Georgia defense held their  own protecting Murray only allowing Clowney one sack during the game.  Another huge accomplishment for the Dawgs and a key to their win over South Carolina was a lack of turnovers.

Murray had something to prove. Not just to Spurrier and his Gamecocks, but to all the critics and his past records. Murray hadn’t won a game against South Carolina, he had issues playing against top 10 ranked teams at home, and his ability to make good decision against pressure. Murray used these like a grocery list on Saturday.

By the end of the game Murray was able to check off all items and celebrate the  home opener win with his team and 90,000 plus of his friends watching.

Keep it up you hairy DAWGS !


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