It's Almost Here, TAMU vs. Alabama

The day is almost here! The day Aggie fans have been waiting for. The day we pack Kyle Field to the point of almost exploding.  The day Alabama fans are hoping for redemption.  Tomorrow is ‘Bama vs A&M.  Tomorrow is the day.

The media has been hyping this one for a while and College Station is bursting with excitement.  The sheer volume of people expected in town today – who are NOT even going to the game – is mind blowing.  I even have friends coming in from San Antonio, Houston, Dallas and California – who just want to be here.  ESPN’s Gameday set is already up and ready to go.  Media outlets from across the nation are here.  All sorts of celebrities are rumored to be here.

Midnight yell is tonight.  It will be amazing – and broadcast live on ESPN3.  Watch it.

There are lots of reasons why some think Alabama wins this one. There are lots of reasons why some thing Aggies win this one.

Here are my thoughts:

There is one MAIN reason why I think the Aggies pull this one out. And its not because of Johnny Manziel – although he is a major player, any one who has paid attention to the games knows we have a LOT of weapons on offense.  The WR’s and RB’s should be considered as the collectively best group in the nation.

My #1 reason why they win? – Coach Larry Jackson.  I think he is the best kept secret in college football.  Without a doubt he has to be the best strength and conditioning coach out there.  He has these boys ready to play 4 full quarters of fast paced full on football.  He has these boys ready to play in 100 degree heat.

The players have some colorful nicknames for Jackson – and I am sure there are times in the middle of practices they are not too fond of him – but everyone of them that I talk to has the utmost respect for him. They all know they are in good hands and that he is bringing out the best in them.  Jackson is a former player himself, class of 1995 – and he has a deep commitment to and love for Texas A&M.

Coach Jackson is our secret weapon.  And we are beyond lucky to have him

Gig ‘Em Coach!

and BTHO Alabama!



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