Les Miles; Are There Darker Days Ahead?

You know that feeling you get when you know something really bad might be happening soon, but you really don’t want it to? It’s like a car crash, you can’t look away but you don’t want to watch it happen. Well, that’s how I feel right now and I’ll tell you why!
Les Miles has won 2 SEC championships, a BCS National Championship and had 5 organizations name him the National Coach of the Year in 2011; but he’s in deep dark waters right now after allegations came out about him downplaying academics compared to football, allowing boosters to pay players, having girls have sex or preform sexual acts for players and recruits on recruit trips, and providing or allowing drugs to be used by players, with no consequences all during his time coaching at OSU.
Approximately 8 former OSU players have verified accusations of being paid in cash and have named nearly 30 other former players who also accepted money. Players allegedly received anywhere from $2000-$25,000 a year. To be fair, many other players and an assistant coach have denied these allegations.
Remember ladies, the legal process can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few years. Normally after 4 years, the NCAA can’t do anything about these types of allegations, however there are loopholes making it possible for them to investigate these reports. I will do my best to get you the most up to date information regarding this whole ordeal as it directly involves LSU’s current head coach Les Miles (The Mad Hatter) and could potentially damage LSU and Les Miles’ futures.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I believe if you violate rules (especially this level of wrong-doing) you should suffer consequences. I ESPECIALLY believe this applies to college athletes as well as coaches and staff, because they don’t just represent themselves anymore. They represent a school, team, state and nation. So while we may see some pretty dark days as a team, and LSU may suffer for Les’ previous actions if they are found to be true, it will be good to know that justice is still alive and well for those wronging others.

Until next time, geaux read the reports online @

Remember to get the facts and information for yourself before forming an opinion. On a more positive note, LSU continues into the season with 2 wins now and should be able to lock in a 3rd win this coming Saturday against Kent State.

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