Up Next: The Panthers. No, Not THOSE Ones.

Saturday at noon (eastern time) WVU faces the Panthers at home. I wish I was talking about the Pitt Panthers, because that’s a rivalry I sorely miss. Alas, I’m talking about the Georgia State Panthers. “Who?” you might be asking, which is a valid question. Georgia State played their first football game in 2010, and this is their first year in the FBS. Not only are they a young team… they’re a pretty bad team. They’re ranked dead last in the FBS and have lost their first two games.

Normally, this is the part where I would say I expect this to be an easy win, but hand to my heart, I am never saying that about another WVU game ever again. Ever. See, the thing with the Mountaineers is that you never know which team is going to take the field. Will it be the Kick Butt and Take Names Mountaineers, or the Make Me Cry and Throw Things Mountaineers? Long-time fans know this has always been true, but this season it’s even more true. While our defense has improved from #117 in the nation last year to a more impressive #31 this year, our offense has fallen from #9 in the nation to #109. Ouch.

According to the updated depth chart in the Georgia State game notes, there won’t be many changes on defense, but there are a few significant changes on offense:

  • The Quarterback Battle is back on. Paul Millard, Clint Trickett, and redshirt freshman Ford Childress are all listed as “OR’s”. We’ve seen what Millard can do, and frankly, no one is impressed. Trickett’s brief performance in the William & Mary game wasn’t exactly stellar, but I don’t think it was bad enough to discount him entirely. I’m very curious to see what Childress can do. Someone needs to step up here. Did I mention it’s going to be a long season?
  • There were no changes made at Running Back, because all four have been (mostly) doing their job. The same cannot be said of our Wide Receivers. McCartney, Shorts, and Myers are all out and have been replaced by three JUCO (junior college) transfers: Ronald Carswell, Mario Alford, and Kevin White. You might recognize Carswell’s name – he’s the WR who’s had some really good catches in our first two games. You might recognize Alford’s name because he’s the WR who fumbled a punt that Oklahoma returned for a TD last week. In related news, Carswell will be the punt returner for the Georgia State game.

Legal Woes

  • If you follow college football at all, I’m sure you’ve heard about the allegations that certain improprieties were going on in the Oklahoma State football program while DeForest was assistant coach there. Improprieties such as drug use, academic fraud, a pay-for plays system, and young ladies providing certain, umm, “hostess” services to players and recruits. Wink wink. WVU is conducting an internal investigation of DeForest, including questioning WVU football players – primarily the defense as DeForest was co-defensive coordinator last year. The defense has responded, “Dude? Did you see our defensive stats last year?”
  • Linebacker D’Vante Henry has been removed from the team following an arrest for 2nd degree sexual assault.

I’ll be tweeting during and after the game @wvgridirongirl.

Let’s Go………. Mountaineers!


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