#2 Roundup Week 3, NCAA Games To Watch

Hey, football fanatics—it’s time for my weekly recommendation for other college football games to catch this weekend. Remember, it’s important to branch out and broaden your horizons. Having more teams you can watch means extra time on the couch. Yeah!

First, I flubbed this week a bit. Last night saw an epic match up between old friends TCU and Texas Tech. The Red Raiders set their dip cups to warp drive and pulled out a win over #24 TCU, 20-10. Sounds like it was quite a game.

What’s in store for the weekend? The Texas game is on the Longhorn Network (shakes fist at the heavens), but you can listen to it for just a few American dollars. However! There’s plenty of football to fill your eye holes. Is there hate-watching? Oh yes, there is hate-watching. Glorious, glorious hate-watching.

As usual, all schedules are found at ESPN.com, and times listed are Eastern.

  • The Tennessee Volunteers come to my new hometown, Eugene, to face the team that’s #2 in the nation, and #2 in my heart: The Oregon Ducks. Game time is 3:30 p.m., on ABC. This one should be a good match-up. It brings the SEC to the Pacific Northwest, which is a trend that should continue. While Tennessee is unranked, playing the SEC always carries a certain amount of gravitas. Whether it’s deserved or not. Look for Oregon to have another splendid home game, and propel its two Heisman candidates closer to the prize. This is a fun team to watch.
  • Hate-watch extravaganza! #1 Alabama travels to College Station to take on the #6 Aggies. Game time is also 3:30 p.m., CBS. Switching back and forth is OK. I vacillate between wanting the earth to swallow everyone, and wanting to see the Aggie QB get a little payback. As opposed to a little payola! Hey-yo! Tip your wait staff, try the veal. This should be an exciting game, for the second time. You can see the Aggie cheerleaders masquerade as milkmen! If Alabama is victorious and its fans lose control and run onto the sacred field, you might see a corpsman draw a sabre or punch a lady in the face. (Memories!)
  • #16 UCLA at #23 Nebraska, Noon, ABC. Nebraska fans are generally a bit of all right, and playing in their stadium has to be quite an experience. All the red. All the overalls. The corn. UCLA fans will feel completely undone, as it’s hard to imagine a place more unlike LA than Nebraska. I’m torn between wanting to see a Pac 12 team win, and wanting to see former chums Nebraska pull one out. Maybe I’ll just watch and enjoy some quality football?
  • #4 Ohio State at California, 7:00 p.m., Fox. Playing at home might give Cal an edge, but probably not enough of one to knock off Ohio State. They’re roaring back this season. Maybe visiting the Berkeley campus will be an educational and peaceful experience for the Buckeyes. They might learn a little peace, love, and understanding.
  • Vanderbilt at #13 South Carolina, 7:00 p.m., ESPN. The Gamecocks! The Gamecocks! That will never not be funny, because I’m 12. The Commodores aren’t an automatic pushover, even though South Carolina has come on strong so far. Should be a good contest.
  • #21 Notre Dame at Purdue, 8:00 p.m., ABC. After a difficult loss last week, let’s see how the Fighting Irish come back this week. Sort of a parallel track with Texas, except ND got to stay in the top 25. Favoritism!

So get yourself a #2 and spend a little quality time.

Hook ‘em!

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